Ten Mile Creek test results mirror previous samples taken last year to study radiological levels

May 13, 2016
A view of Ten Mile Creek near Fredericktown. - Observer-Reporter file photo Order a Print

Test results from samplings in January of Ten Mile Creek near Clarksville came back “without significant changes” to the samples taken last year that showed radiological levels within safe limits, the state Department of Environmental Protection announced Friday.

“The radiological samples appear to be consistent with expected naturally occurring background values, and the nonradiological results are also consistent with similar conditions associated with a flooded mine in this area of Pennsylvania,” the report states.

The DEP tested 12 sites along the creek in June to determine radioactive levels after a local environmental group raised concern. Those results, based on soil, vegetation and water samples, showed radioactive levels were within a normal range.

“We promised that we would do three more rounds of testing this year,” DEP spokesperson John Poister said.

Five areas along the creek were tested in January. Poister said they are working on another sample that was taken in April.

“We have a second round of sampling currently in the lab,” he said. “We expect to have those results late in June.”

The agency will do another round of testing in August, with results expected early next year, he said.

State Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Jefferson, called the test results “very good news,” since the levels were below the federal standards and “people can feel secure.”

“I’m growing more confident that the region will have solid scientific benchmarks on the stream’s health to review when the testing is complete,” she said.


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