Marriage licenses

March 19, 2017

Feb. 2 McCracken, Mark Wayne Jr. of Washington and Arleen Marie Fedeli of Washington

Illar, Peter Laurence of Washington and Cristine Ann Shaner of Washington

Corlett, Brandon Christopher of Bridgeville and Anna Vernon Selker of Bridgeville

Fincham, Robert Edward Jr. of Washington and James Allen Cloud of Washington

Feb. 3

Thompson, Gregory Patrick of Washington and Tracy Lea Anders of Washington Sutton, Benjamin Patrick of Washington and Deborah Jo Lisovich of Washington

Cecchine, Lawrence Dennis of Marianna and Julie Ann Kint of Marianna

Feb. 6

Abate, Jeffrey Roger of Claysville and Jennifer Michelle Miller of Claysville

Khan, Mohammad Amanullah of Canonsburg and Tiffany Marie Parrish of Canonsburg

Miller, Jacob Clarence of Washington and Candi Christa Whipkey of Washington

Reed, Brian Christopher of Charleroi and Tiffany Lynn Shoup of Charleroi

Stellfox, Teal James of McMurray and Katherine Elizabeth Mahla of McMurray

Plutko, Joey Brian of Monongahela and Sonya Lee Helmantoler of Monongahela

Balsano, Troy Richard of Charleroi and Heather Marie McFeely of Charleroi

Narus, Kurtis John of Canonsburg and Tricia Marie Bruenn of Canonsburg

Gooden, Kenneth Irvin Jr. of Eighty Four and Denise Eleanor Gooden of Eighty Four

Zyra, Sean Thomas of Cranberry Township and Cassie Lynn Yannacci of Cranberry Township

Secreet, James Patrick Jr. of McDonald and Christina Lynn Hanzlik of Lawrence

Junkins, John David Jr. of Washington and Jocelyn Moran Cox of Washington

Feb. 9

Neumann, Gabriel of Venetia and Karen Michelle Ingram of Venetia

Lackner, David Richard of Cadiz, Ohio, and Andrea Lynn Commisso of Pittsburgh

Feb. 10

Morrison, Tashie Sara of Canonsburg and Sashanna Alexia Boothe of Canonsburg

Golden, Bryan Byrne of Pittsburgh and Aimee Nicole Seliga of Pittsburgh

Feb. 13

Williams, Alexis Nickole of Washington and Fantasia Shianne Whitlock of Washington

Andrews, Barry Neil Jr. of Denbo and Tiffany Danielle Rector of Denbo

Gregor, Eric Robert of Sewickley and Rachel Alison Kurnick of McDonald

Ospina, Simon Gomez of Canonsburg and Elise Jasmine Farris of Canonsburg

Tate, Craig Charles of Venetia and Heather Rae Witt of Venetia

McNally, Bernard James Jr. of Canonsburg and Floren Kay Lucero Beado of Canonsburg

Feb. 16

Lofty, Christopher Lee of Canonsburg and Amanda Kathryn Mushrush of Canonsburg

Martin, Jonathan Paul of Charleroi and Jennifer Courtney King of Charleroi

Conrad, Jerry Charles of Canonsburg and Danielle Rae Harps of Canonsburg

Lingg, Robert Michael of Washington and Carolina Guerrero of Washington

Feb. 17

Dyne, Arin Christopher of Coal Center and Chandra Nicole Sventek of Coal Center

Harvey, Christopher Steven of Oakman, Ala., and Joseph Kyle Thomas Jr. of Oakman

Cutshall, Vincent Edward of Washington and Donna Rose Black of Washington

Chandler, Jeff Jason of Carnegie and Erica Nicole Moore of Carnegie

Feb. 21

Lupo, Matthew Clinton of Canonsburg and Heather Marie Revels of Canonsburg

Costa, James Louis of Finleyville and Teresa Ann Reiland of Finleyville

Nicholson, Charles Travis of McDonald and Beth Lynn Mattaliano of Sturgeon Jarrett, Qwayne Obrian of Presto and Linda Leah Sheppard of Terra Alta, W.Va.

Ross, James William of Clairton and Cindy Ann Snyder of Clairton

Grzeszczak, Benjamin Alan of Washington and Katera Marie Luzadder of Washington

Appleby, Jeffrey Alan Jr. of Washington and Kirstie Nicole Lewis of Washington

Benco, Lisa Marie of Coal Center and Bonnie Lee Harvey of Grindstone

Buntjer, Michael Ryan of Burgettstown and Tonya Lynn Yuhas of Burgettstown

Patterson, Donovan Nazar of Washington and Amber Lynn Williamson of Washington

Crowe, Justin Robert of Millsboro and Audra Kathryn Bupka of Clarksville

Brillembourg, Alejandro of Wheeling, W.Va., and Samantha Marie Herrington of Bethel Park

Bell, Justin Lawson of Washington and Christal Star Shoemaker of Washington

Feb. 24

Gmiter, William Joseph of Pittsburgh and Janice Louise Depersis of Pittsburgh

Riolo, Caesar Thomas of Strabane and Helen Theresa Boles of Strabane

McVicker, Christopher Michael Sr. of Allenport and Kelly Lynn Lassooy of Allenport

Feb. 27

Byers, Bryan Keith of Washington and Tonya Gail Link of Washington

Winkelvoss, George Frederick of Dravosburg and Laurie Ann Shearer of Canonsburg

Polstyanoy, Sergey Aleksandrov of Pittsburgh and Vera Hite of Pittsburgh

Tretter, Robert J. of Midway and Leesa Marie Nicholson of Midway

Navale, Ulaiyasi Cagilaba of California and Aseri Dilawa Batisaresare of California

Hasson, Ryker Henrick of Monongahela and Rachelle Lindsey Debevec of Monongahela

Sinkko, Scott Lester of Claysville and Clorissa Jayne Hatfield of Claysville

Cramer, Robert Edward II of Canonsburg and Allison Marie Welch of Canonsburg

Ziemba, Ryan Michael of Daisytown and Angel Lynn Hull of Daisytown

Concilio, Anthony Joseph of Canonsburg and Natalie Marie Wittik of Canonsburg

Jones, Christopher Dean of Donora and Tabitha Marie Simmons of Donora

Mcardle, Jessica Lee of Avalon and Lindsay Raye Vevers of Avalon

Sarracino, John David of Canonsburg and Krista Renee Stuckwish of Canonsburg

Kramer, William C. of Bethel Park and Barbara Ann Bubak of McMurray



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