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Most comfortable bras you can actually wear daily while you sleep

April 18, 2017

Big breasts, small breasts, breasts that aren't huge enough to even give a woman some flattering shape — There always seems to be something wrong with a woman's breasts. Actress Christina Hendricks confessed how she didn't always love her boobies: “If there's anything to be learned from me it's that I'm learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it's sometimes been inconvenient. Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I've learnt to love it.”

Love It Or Leave It

Christina Hendricks was right to learn to love what she's been born with, and so should you. Afterall, those are the only breasts that you'll ever have to keep living with for the rest of your life. Just keep in mind that any breast size will have its own pros and cons, just like when you're choosing Rodan Fields Redefine Acute Care Review over a rejuvenating face mask.

However, sleeping in bra? Should you really? Here are some facts that you need to consider when making that important decision of whether or not to sleep in these undergarments:

• Advocates for breast cancer awareness argue that wearing a bra does not have any particular benefit other than covering up your nipples

• Some say that not wearing bra enhances the form and shape of your breasts, contrary to popular belief that they sag without support

• Not wearing a bra more often also enhances nutrient and lymph circulation around your breast area, improving your chances of preventing breast cancer

• Some people say that regularly wearing a bra during sleep may be beneficial for large breasted women

• No bra means no support for keeping breasts in place while performing other activities that make the breasts bounce around

There are many other arguments for and against wearing a bra, and while the discussions remain ongoing, you need to make a decision for yourself. Sometimes, temporary circumstances, such as sleeping in a room filled with people or, sleeping over a friend's or a relative's home may compel you to spend the night wearing a bra even if you are totally against it.

Our advice is to keep your choice simple, practical and comfortable. Whatever works best for your breasts, and favors the situation that you're in, that is how you should treat your breasts.

Sleeping With A Bra

Most women take off their bras at the end of the day with a deep sigh of relief. So, why should you even consider sleeping in one? There are some bras designed especially for bedtime use and are marketed as such.

Listed below are the most comfortable bras to sleep in:

• Bralettes. These are commonly made with soft, stretchable, cotton fabric. In many ways, it's just like sleeping in any other cropped top, except that this bra is made with elastic fabric that supports your breasts from falling to the sides even as you lie on your back. The good reason to choose this kind of bra for sleeping is that these feel just like sleeping in your tank top or plain tees. For the best comfort, wear a bralette that won't encapsulate nor compress your breasts in any way.

• Comfort bras. Designed for sleeping, these bras take the shape and feel of the top of a camisole. To derive the most convenience from this type of bra, consider the material it is made of. Always choose cotton. Go for a garterized, under strap support rather than an underwired or, a sewn under strap variety. The stitches can sink into your skin and make it feel irritated, even painful.

• Low impact sports bras. For your ultimate comfort, choose a bra made with soft structured encapsulation that won't tug on your breasts too hard and refrain from hurting it.

• Camisole bras. These bras are made in several ways. The most comfortable ones still being cotton, and have the feeling of freedom that can only be derived from a tank top. Choose one made with spaghetti straps only and not crisscrossed backs which put more pressure on your breasts.

• Built-in bra lined tees and tanks. It's just like sleeping in your night staples except for the built-in, padded contour. Just make sure that the padding is soft and the fit is loose, not tight to keep you comfortable.


Bras can make a woman's movements more bearable. It's one of a woman's needs that have to be taken more seriously. Always choose your bra wisely.



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