Take Ten with Mayor David H. Rhome

April 25, 2017
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Celeste Van Kirk/Observer-Reporter
The borough of Canonsburg and the local chamber of commerce will hold the first weekly farmers market May 5. Organizers and vendors include, from left, Kim Shoup, Lonnie Flood, Peter Grigoropoulos, Bob Simmons, Jean Simmons, Kim Cecchine, Mayor David Rhome and Ila Stabile. Order a Print
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No stranger to community initiatives, Canonsburg Mayor David Rhome helps Laurie Bryer of Eighty Four weed a planter on West Pike Street in Canonsburg.

Canonsburg Mayor David H. Rhome is reviving Canonsburg’s Farmers Market this spring at a new downtown location. It’s being organized down to the smallest details, such as having people available to carry items to shoppers’ cars.

Here are all the other details – and the reasons why a farmers market is so important to the community.

1. When and where will the farmers market open and what will be the hours?

The Farmers Market will open Friday, May 5 from 3:30-7 p.m. in the Northwest Savings Bank parking lot, near the Canonsburg Post Office. It will continue to be open every Friday until mid-September.

2. What prompted you to have a farmers market in Canonsburg?

We wanted to bring people into our town to acquaint them with our businesses while providing an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship with surrounding communities. We also wanted to provide a way for people to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for their families without having to travel far.

3. Have you explored or visited some of the other farmers markets in the area, and what feedback did you receive?

We have looked at other farmers markets and applaud the opportunity they have brought to their residents to be able to support local farmers. We have found that the residents of Canonsburg would also like the opportunity to support our local farmers and vendors. Any time you can capitalize on the talents of our local farmers and vendors is a success.

4. How many vendors do you expect to have and what items will they be featuring?

At the present time, we have confirmation of 12 vendors that have showed interest. They will be featuring locally grown produce, eggs, poultry, pork, grass-fed beef and cheese, homemade wine and whiskey, jellies, jams and relishes, honey, olive oil, gyros, several varieties of sweets and craft items.

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No stranger to community initiatives, Canonsburg Mayor David Rhome helps Laurie Bryer of Eighty Four weed a planter on West Pike Street in Canonsburg.

5. The most recent farmers’ market in Canonsburg, in the early 2000s was sponsored largely by the Main Street Program. Do you have organizations helping with or supporting this market?

Yes, it has been a delightful group effort to organize this venture. The Greater Canonsburg Chamber of Commerce, along with individuals from several businesses and private sectors want to make this event an annual success.

6. Why do you think farmers markets have become so popular in recent years?

It is a way for people to have access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for their families at a reasonable cost, while supporting our local farmers and many other vendors.

7. The Main Street Farmers Market in Washington often features entertainment. Have you planned any entertainment to date?

We are looking into it and are currently working on providing music. For example, the first week will be a Cinco de Mayo theme.

8. If this market succeeds like others in the area, additional parking may be needed. Do you have plans to accommodate overflow crowds?

At the present time, there is ample parking in the Canonsburg United Presbyterian parking lot adjoining the Northwest Savings Bank market area. Also, a large parking lot across the street right next to Brody’s Furniture is an option. We are also working to have several young men or ladies assist with taking the produce to your vehicle.

9. Do you have a personal vision of what having a farmers market in Canonsburg could accomplish in the long run?

My vision for the farmers market in Canonsburg would be to bring people into our town and familiarize them with our various businesses and opportunities here, and hopefully have people return to town to do business or even relocate residence here to our beautiful landscape.

10. If someone is interested in becoming part of the farmers’ market, who would they contact?

Lonnie Flood at 724-989-0751; the Chamber of Commerce at 724-745-1812 or myself at 724-745-1800 ext. 516.

BONUS QUESTION: What’s your favorite item to purchase at a farmers’ market?

I personally like the fresh fruits and vegetables and when available, of course, any fresh baked items are always a favorite.



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