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“ExtraORdinary People" is a series by The Observer-Reporter that recognizes the unsung heroes in our own community. Every month, a panel of community and philanthropic leaders will select one winner from your nominations, and we will share their story with our readers. Nominate your hero today!

O-R looking for a few 'Extraordinary People' for new feature

  • April 27, 2017

You've probably heard the stories.

A young man and elderly woman are stuck in an elevator. Minutes tick into an hour. The elderly woman can no longer stand. The young man drops to his hands and knees, offering his back as a human “chair” for the woman to sit upon while waiting for help to arrive.

Or how about the one involving three ducklings that become separated from the mama duck while crossing the road and fall into a storm drain? A jogger happens upon the scene, rescues the animals and reunites the little family.

And there are those who quietly donate countless hours to teach adults how to read, who work in soup kitchens and who assist the homeless.

All are inspiring examples of selfless acts of kindness performed without fanfare by extraordinary people who have no expectation of remuneration of any kind other than the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

The Observer-Reporter is launching a new feature to recognize those unsung heroes in our own community and is seeking nominations from readers for the monthly feature, “Extraordinary People.”

Every month, a panel of community and philanthropic leaders will select one winner from the nominations, and we will share their story with the readers of this newspaper. The first in the series will be published in June.

Acknowledging that altruists don't seek the spotlight or attention for the charitable works they do, we've come up with a perk with co-sponsor Range Resources that might help them change their minds: A $500 donation underwritten by Range Resources will be made in their name to the charity of their choice. Now what could be more selfless than that?

Mark Windle, manager of corporate communications for Range Resources, said, “This region is such wonderful place to live and work because of the amazing people. Being a good neighbor is woven deep into the fabric of our culture, which is why partnering with the Observer-Reporter on this new series made so much sense.

“The Extraordinary People series is going to be a great way to recognize some of the individuals who are making a difference in our communities and inspiring others.”

To nominate a candidate for the Extraordinary People feature, visit http://www.observer-reporter.com/extraordinarypeople or fill out the form below. 

ExtraORdinary People Nomination Form


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