Nemacolin mother charged with endangering children

June 15, 2017
Cumberland Township Police Department

NEMACOLIN – Six Nemacolin children were removed from their mother’s custody after she allegedly lost four of them and two were found wandering the neighborhood last month.

Amanda Lee Taylor, 27, of 233 Hilltop Court, was charged Tuesday by Cumberland Township police with four counts of endangering the welfare of children.

Police said just before 4 p.m. May 3, a Wood Street resident saw two small children, one girl and one boy, walking in the roadway near Bliss Avenue and Hilltop Court in Nemacolin.

The resident told police she approached the children and asked where they lived, but they did not know. She called the police and took the children to the Nemacolin Post Office.

The children were too young to give police any information regarding their residence, but the boy gave police his mother’s first name. Police said a postal employee provided police with Taylor’s name and address.

Police called Children and Youth Services, which took custody of the two children. The caseworker told police she had worked with Taylor in the past and she has several other children. Police said they went to Taylor’s residence and Taylor came to the door, asking police if something was wrong.

“I asked her if she was missing something,” police wrote in the criminal complaint. “She stated, ‘One of my kids?’”

Police asked Taylor to have her other four children come outside, to make sure they were safe. Taylor came back outside a short time later with two children and said she did not know where her 1-year-old and 5-year-old children were.

Police began searching the area for the two children and asked Taylor to check in the residence once more. She did and found them in the residence.

Police said they asked if Taylor had been asleep or using drugs when the children had gotten out of the house, but she denied both.

“I then again asked how her minor children could be missing and she not know it for this extended period of time,” the officer wrote in the criminal complaint. “Taylor responded with, ‘I guess I am just a bad mother.’”

Police said Taylor told them she felt “overwhelmed” in caring for her six children. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

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