We welcome your letters

June 17, 2017

We’re just hours away from the start of summer and, in some years, that’s a time when the news starts to slow and minds turn to soaking up the sun or soaking in a pool, rather than following the headlines every hour or weighing in on the day’s news.

But given the tumult in Washington, D.C., fiscal woes in Harrisburg and a raft of pressing local and regional issues, this summer promises to be anything but sleepy. As events unfold, we would welcome your letters to the editor. Submitting a letter to the editor is a way to add your voice to the debate and reach an audience beyond your family and friends.

However, we do ask that you adhere to some rules. In a frequently uncivil time, we ask that your letters be civil. We also ask that they be concise. While there is not a formal word limit, there is no need to write a term paper. Usually, the shorter and more to the point, the better.

We also request that you provide your mailing address and phone number for verification purposes.

Also, the letters you send should be addressed to the editor, not to other people or audiences (i.e. “This is to the person who cut me off in traffic Thursday ...”). And while we appreciate the desire to thank people for services rendered or kindness above and beyond the call of duty, the best course of action would be to send a note of appreciation or thank them in person. They will value it.

So, don’t wait any longer. Send those letters.



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