Safety at Range Resources: A Core Value

“It's about doing the right thing. That's our culture at Range”

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July 14, 2017

At Range Resources, the safety of employees, contractors, and the communities where the company operates is the top priority.  In fact, many industry-leading safety and environmental practices have been created and developed right here in Pennsylvania thanks to the Marcellus Shale.  

Recently, Range took the unique step of hosting a Safety Week for its employees and contractors. Participants went through a series “Safety Stand-Downs,” which are exercises and demonstrations that require the shutting down of operations so that workers can solely focus on best practices related to safety. Hundreds of employees and contractors participated at different sites in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  It was an event that required months of planning, and served as a follow-up to the many full-day Safety Stand-Downs and other exercises that Range has conducted in the past.  

“Safety Week was dedicated to bringing contractors and employees together and demonstrating the commitment that Range has to safety,” said Vice President of Safety at Range Resources, Kathy Kanocz.  “Often times you'll find other companies take time out for safety after an incident. But in our case, this week was about proactively taking the time to make sure employees and contractors on location understand the risk picture, and understand best practices.  Safety at Range isn't an afterthought.  It's embedded in the culture, and in the planning for any activity we undertake.”  

In addition to employees and contractors, local first responders also took part in the training Range offered.  “Having first responders attend some portions of Safety Week was important for a number of reasons,” said Kanocz. “First, we want them to be aware of and to understand our dedication and our commitment to safety and environmental protection throughout their community.  But it's also about providing a better understanding of our operations and how first responders can help us, and how we can help them, if we were to have on incident on one of our locations.  We're all in this together and it's about doing our work in the safest manner possible for employees, the community and the environment.”  

Range presented Safety Week as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of best practices when it comes to operating a safe workplace.  “The whole point of each exercise during Safety Week was to provide all of the on-site participants with hands-on training, and equip them with knowledge and skills that they can immediately begin applying in their everyday jobs out here on the well site,” said Safety Coordinator Andrew Mihalcin. 

Appalachia Division Vice President Dennis Degner, who oversees Range's Marcellus Shale operations viewed Safety Week as part of the natural progression of safety training and culture at the company. “It was the culmination of months of planning and dedication to safety at every level. Shutting down for an entire week throughout different departments is very unique in this industry.  But for Range, it was about demonstrating the company's commitment to safety for all of the people we work with day in and day out.”  

Range Resources EVP and COO Ray Walker had this message for employees and contractors as Safety Week came to a close in Washington County. “You've spent the last several days doing some of the most important work that I think you'll ever do.  Safety is one of our core values at Range.  You'll hear us talk about it at every company meeting, every investor meeting.  We want everybody going home safe to their families every day.”  

Degner drove that message home throughout the week, and again as it came to a close. “Our goal with Safety Week was to show that safety is paramount, so much so that we were willing to shut down our operations for a week.  The expectation is that we have a safe operation every day.  It's about doing the right thing.  That's our culture at Range.”  

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