North Strabane police arrest Massachusetts teen

A Massachusetts woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon by North Strabane Township police on charges including false identification to police and resisting arrest after they got a complaint about her selling magazine subscriptions in a neighborhood.

Nelcie Liz Saldivar-Cruz
Nelcie Liz Saldivar-Cruz

A Massachusetts teen was arrested Wednesday afternoon by North Strabane Township police, who were called to the Majestic Hills plan for a complaint about her soliciting for magazine subscriptions.

Nelcie Liz Saldivar-Cruz, 18, of Brockton, was taken into custody after she allegedly lied about her identity and then struggled with officers as they tried to arrest her.

Police were called just before 3:30 p.m. to the 4000 block of Bentonwood Drive for a report of a suspicious person selling magazine subscriptions. A resident told police when she asked to take a closer look at the solicitor’s identification, the young woman, later identified as Saldivar-Cruz, pulled the identification back and told the resident she did not need to look at it.

Police located Saldivar-Cruz, telling her about the complaint. She reportedly admitted she did not have a permit to solicit in the township. Police said she provided an incorrect name and told officers the age on her work badge was incorrect. She had a driver’s license from Rhode Island, but police could find no record of her, so they checked Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and Ohio.

Saldivar-Cruz reportedly insisted she gave police her correct name. She also refused to give the officers the name or telephone number of her supervisor. When police told her they were taking her to the state police barracks for a scan of her fingerprints, Saldivar-Cruz reportedly clenched her fists and pulled her arms against her body. Police had to put her on the ground and force her arms behind her back.

While being transported to the barracks, she requested medical help for a possible asthma attack. While she was being treated, Saldivar-Cruz revealed her actual name, police said. A record of her driver’s license was then found in Massachusetts.

Saldivar-Cruz was arraigned before District Judge David Mark on charges of resisting arrest, false identification to police and having an illegal transient business. She was placed in Washington County jail on $10,000 bond. Saldivar-Cruz is scheduled for an Aug. 15 preliminary hearing before District Judge Jay Weller.