Monessen School Board recalls several furloughed teachers

August 9, 2017
Exterior of Monessen High School.

MONESSEN – Monessen School Board on Tuesday recalled several teachers furloughed earlier this year due to budget problems.

Board Vice President Roberta Bergstedt said of the nine teachers affected by furloughs in June, two teachers who lost their jobs were reinstated and two teachers who were dropped to part time were increased to full-time status. She said with several teachers moving out of the area and resigning, some of the furloughed teachers were needed to fill positions.

The board approved the resignation of sixth-grade teacher Dayna Frolo for retirement purposes. Also accepted were the resignations of seventh- grade language arts teacher Lauren Caumo, middle/high school teacher Wayne McGonigal and seventh-grade math teacher Tyler Mancinelli.

The board unanimously approved the purchase of a two-wheelchair, nine-passenger, handicap-accessible van to transport students. The cost is $53,379, which will be broken into five payments of $11,797 per year.

Bergstedt said the district will use funds set aside in the budget to hire a transportation company to transport these students. “This is actually quite a bit of savings to the district,” Bergstedt said.

She said it costs roughly $15,000 annually for transportation of one student with a handicap. Two students this year will require these services. She said the van will pay for itself at $11,797 per year rather than paying $30,000 per year for outside services. She said this van also converts for use for other transportation needs and will also be leased and used to share transportation services with other districts.

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