Canonsburg Council minutes

August 29, 2017

At its June 12 meeting, Canonsburg Borough Council unanimously agreed to remove Patrolman Dennis Cole from probation and place him as a regular, full-time police officer, effective June 13.

Council also approved advertising to solicit bids to repave the midtown parking lot and to repave an unnamed road between East Pike Street and Lou Bell Drive. The road repaving will be paid through capital projects funds.

Councilman John Severine discussed the zoning hearing board’s approval that reduced the two-parking space requirement to one space for Arcadia Place.

Solicitor Jeff Derrico said the topography is very tight and it is very expensive to grade to provide the spaces required for the ordinance. Derrico also noted that all of the apartments are single dwelling and therefore there is no need for extra parking. Additional parking will be available, however, at TownView Health and Rehabilitation Center, which is the property of the Arcadia Place owners.

Following discussion, it was agreed that Councilman Richard Bell and Public Works director Tom Lawrence will review the plans.

KLH Engineer Bob Robinson announced that:

Sanitary sewer repair and rehabilitation on North Central Avenue, Elm Alley and Yoney Drive will not begin until after the July 4 holiday.

Robinson advised council not to use public funds to improve a private storm sewer system at Liberty Lumber, which has asked for $4,900 toward the $9,840 cost to upgrade a pipe on its property. Drainage on Patch Alley, a public street, leads to a middle low point that cuts through the Liberty Lumber property and connects to a private storm sewer system that does not have the capacity for many storms. Robinson said a drainage analysis could determine the amount Liberty Lumber and the borough are contributing to the problem. Council discussed an easement plan to make it a public storm sewer system.

It was also announced that:

• An additional $20,000 from the state will be used to install a fire detection system at the senior citizen building.

• New by-laws for Town Park are almost complete.

• A vacant building ordinance will be presented to council in August; a weight limit ordinance is being prepared.

• A cell tower ordinance is still in progress. It first needs to be approved by the planning commission.



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