Take Ten ... with Misty Thomas

August 29, 2017
Katie Green

1. How did Texas Roadhouse first get involved with assisting Canonsburg Town Park?

Mayor David Rhome and our kitchen manager, Allen Ferricks, have had an enduring friendship over the years. Dave approached Allen about a partnership with Texas Roadhouse. Since then, our partnership has grown and we look forward to growing our relationship. 

2. What’s on the menu for Dine around the Pool?

The menu will consist of a prime rib dinner with hors d’oeuvres and dessert.

3. What is involved in preparing such a large-scale meal for delivery?

There are a lot of man hours involved in such a large-scale event. Texas Roadhouse is one of the few establishments with scratch-made items. It takes a lot of training and dedication to complete such an event.

4. Is this the largest out-of-restaurant event in which the local Texas Roadhouse participates?

This is one of largest events that we do all year. It parallels our grass-roots marketing approach. Texas Roadhouse does no television advertising and such; we rely strongly on our performance within the community in order to receive positive word-of-mouth advertising.

5. Texas Roadhouse has also been a frequent participant in Canonsburg’s Camp Splash – even sending employees to teach kids line dancing. Do your employees volunteer for these community events?

Yes. Texas Roadhouse has a strong love for the community, especially our lil’ buckaroos. We have no problems getting employees to volunteer for these events.

6. From letters and plaques displayed at Texas Roadhouse, it appears it is deeply involved in charity events. What are some of the local organizations the company supports?

The Washington Texas Roadhouse has a very strong relationship with those in our community. We do a great deal of fundraising with numerous different organizations. Naming only a few, we work closely with the National MS Society, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Children’s Hospital/Howard Hanna Free Care Fund, Wreaths Across America and our local school districts. 

7. Why do you think Texas Roadhouse participates and encourages such charity events/functions?

It goes back to grass root marketing and driving top line sales.

8. Texas Roadhouse was one of the first restaurants in the county’s major big box centers, and it appears to be flourishing, even expanding at one point. Has Washington County been a good market for the restaurant?

Yes. Texas Roadhouse, Washington has worked hard to maintain our reputation here in the county. While sales are up and flourishing, it has not always been easy with the intrusion of all of the other food chains and the recent road construction.

9. How long have you been with Texas Roadhouse?

I am proud to say that I have been in the Texas Roadhouse family for 17 years now.

0. Why do you like working for the company?

This company truly is like family. You develop great friendships within the four walls as well as relationships outside of the four walls. This is a “feel good” job, knowing that I am helping people and organizations who need it.

Bonus Question: Do customers ever join the employees in line dancing – and how’s your line dancing? 

Yes! We do have guests who like to join in with our dancers! Especially those kiddos!  My line dancing skills may be a little rusty now in comparison to what they used to be 17 years ago, but honestly, it is like riding a bike. You don’t ever forget!

Dining Around the Pool will take place Sept. 9 at Canonsburg Town Park Pool. The party begins at 5 p.m., with dinner at 6 p.m. Tickets are $50 per person or $90 per couple at 724-746-7333.



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