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Congratulations to this year's winners. First place winner was Taylor Prezel, second place was hip hop trio The Brotherhood, and Sydney Shook won third place. The fan favorite was Rachel Faust.

Aliyah Brooks

Washington's Got Talent 2017 Finalist

  • October 17, 2017
Aliyah Brooks - Photo by Randall Roberts

Aliyah Brooks is a senior at Chartiers-Houston Jr/Sr High School. She is a Girls Corps captain, part of the musical at her school, is a member of her high school choir and sings for the jazz band at her school. She has been a part of many musical events such as PMEA Honors Choir, All Star Choir, and will soon be participating in PMEA District Chorus and County Chorus. Aliyah is also an advisory board member for Teen Outreach, and was in Washington's Got Talent when she was in 7th grade- she can't wait to be a part of Washington's Got Talent for another wonderful experience!

Aliyah Brooks is a 12th grader at Chartiers-Houston High School.


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