Stop smoking in casinos

May 3, 2014

Oren Spiegler stole my thunder in his April 13 letter on eliminating smoking in casinos. But he has written many wise letters, so I’ll be glad to follow his lead.

I do frequent casinos, and it is more than just to eat there. I like to wager on the horses or dogs, but I have been known to traverse other areas. But, as Spiegler stated, it’s obvious that the smoke is wafting from one side to the other. It’s amazing that you aren’t allowed to smoke in so many places – businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, baseball games and even most bars – but, lo and behold, the people who enacted these laws turned a blind eye when it came to casinos.

Are they afraid people won’t come? How ridiculous. Don’t they still go to restaurants and bars and baseball games? If people want to gamble, they’ll be there.

A while back, there was an article about a bill state Sen. Tim Solobay introduced about e-cigarettes. That’s all well and good, but I suggest that he think about the fact that many people enjoy spending time at casinos. Maybe it would be wise from him and his fellow legislators to stand up against hypocrisy and do the right thing. They should be proactive and prevent secondhand smoke from endangering the health of these loyal patrons and anyone else visiting these establishments in our commonwealth.

Robert Bonanno



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