East Washington Borough appoints new members

by Karen Mansfield
Staff Writer
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Published Jul 22, 2014 at 10:03 pm (Updated Jul 22, 2014 at 10:03 pm)
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Two of the vacancies left when three East Washington Borough council members resigned two weeks ago have been filled.

Borough solicitor Dennis Makel swore in Bob Dickson and Charles McHugh during a meeting Monday after council approved the pair for the positions.

Before they were appointed, Dickson and McHugh briefly told council members why they wanted to serve on the board. Over the past two weeks, the two expressed interest in filling the void left when council President Bill Adams and members Lisa Crosier and Robert Dunn resigned, complaining of a “fundamental split” in the borough.

Dickson, a lifelong East Washington resident, previously served on council for three terms and filled in temporarily for other vacancies. He also served as a code enforcement officer and is on the borough’s zoning commission.

McHugh is an Ohio native who is employed by Federated Investors in Pittsburgh, where he oversees a team of financial analysts that manages domestic and international assets.

“I love East Washington. The homes are beautiful and the people are very kind,” said McHugh, who moved into the borough in August 2012. “But there are some things that need to be addressed in the neighborhood.”

Specifically, McHugh said he walks six miles a day and picks up two to three bags of trash in his travels.

“I love the neighborhood, and I want our neighborhood and the borough to look clean and well-maintained.”

Dickson and McHugh will fill terms set to end in January 2016.

Council President Guy Tucci said the board plans to move forward after the recent shake-up and is still searching for another resident to fill the final vacancy.

The borough has until August 7 to fill the spot.

Before they resigned, the three former council members accused the new mayor and three recently elected members of abusing their positions by planning a secret meeting without them to discuss the future of the police department.

Tucci denied that allegation Monday.

“I think you have to move forward in these things,” said Tucci. “It’s probably better to leave that by the byway and start anew.”

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