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Film Festival

Publish Date: Apr 03, 2013
Event Date: April 27, 2013
Event Time: 1:17 pm
Subject: Fair Festival Parade
Venue: TWO venues this year. Main venue: Life Church, 100 N Main Street Additional: Tuscan Tavern, 21 W Chestnut Street
City: Washington
Contact Name:: Karen and Fred Fleet
Contact Email::
Description: FREE ADMISSION - April 27, 1 PM to 5 PM
The Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation (HRCDC) is hosting its 2nd annual festival in the historic downtown City of Washington, The festival features independent films and screenplays; films less than 30 minutes. Includes speakers with diverse professional filmmaking experience from writing to producing movies.

Non-contestant movies ( 5 min. to 90 min.) will also be shown.

Donations welcome and 100% will be used to support programs and mission of the HRCDC. For more information about our organization, please visit

Contest open to all ages and includes monetary and/or non-monetary prizes.


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