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Music In Monessen Summer Concert Series

Publish Date: Jul 02, 2013
Event Date: July 12, 2013
Event Time: 5:00 pm
Subject: Music
Venue: Monessen City Park Amphitheater
City: Monessen
Contact Name:: Matt Shorraw
Contact Email::
Description: Music In Monessen Summer Concert Series

MONESSEN, PA – This Summer in Monessen, things have been heating up in the music scene. California University of Pennsylvania students Karla Spangler and Matt Shorraw have been working to bring music to Monessen. The Raise Your Voice Summer Concert Series is a way to bring local bands to the city and engage the city in an entertaining way. The concert series is a postlude to the Raise Your Voice Music Festival that was held at the park amphitheater in April 2013. The festival featured 20 bands from all over the area, and drew over 300 people.
There are several reasons for bringing these kinds of events to the city. Events like these connect youth to music and show them that it is something they can pursue. Events like these are capable of bringing old and young generations together in one place and bringing the community together as a whole.
Several concert series’ have happened already, but more are planned for other dates throughout the summer-all of them at the Monessen City Park Amphitheater. Past performers include, Fry Jones, of California, PA; Shoun Dempsey, of Millvale, PA; Scott and Rosanna, of Monongahela, PA; and The Lux Republic, of Johnstown, PA. The next dates include Friday, July 12 and will feature a variety of music by Wind and Waves, of Monongahela, PA; The Neffs, of Pittsburgh, PA; Strong Young Teeth, of Pittsburgh, PA; and Jessica Kovach, of Coal Center, PA, and Friday, July 26 and will feature Painted By Millions, of Johnstown, PA; and Bad Cadaver, of Uniontown, PA. Performances of both dates will begin at 5pm and are Free to attend.
Any donations or profits from snacks sold at these events go directly to Monessen Communities That Care. Communities That Care is a non-profit, research-based program that focuses on youth delinquency prevention, team-building activities, and college preparation through tours and other events, and has been based in Monessen for the past 12 years.
It is important to continue to bring the community together through music and other events that can bring everyone together for the common good. Connecting people to constructive things such as these will lead to a better future for all.


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