Hot Shots

Kerry Pigeon took this photo of a tulip blooming in the flower garden at her Scenery Hill home.

Shelia Shuba took this photo of a bird's nest in the amber light of a traffic signal at Route 19 and Route 40 in Laboratory. The light is barely visible because of the nest.

Susan Jennings took this photo during an incline ride in Pittsburgh.

Brook Ward took this photo about 10 minutes after sunset in Barbados.

Christan Mitchell took this photo of a flower growing out of a tree branch along a trail in Mingo Creek County Park.

One basket for weeds. One basket for Tommy. That's the deal during spring clean-up time at Kerry Pigeon's house in Scenery Hill.

Clare Mucho of Centerville took this photo of two of her cats, Spencer and Marc-Andre, doing a little bird-watching on a sunny Saturday morning.

Rich and Terri Hall found this "sandman" on the beach during a recent vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Doug Corwin took photo of the waxing moon at dusk one evening near his home in East Washington.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of a goldfinch perched at a feeder, waiting for his turn for some sunflower seeds.

Brook Ward took this photo on the 16th Street Bridge in Pittsburgh.

Doug McKenery took this photo of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, which stood watch over the entrance to San Diego Bay for 36 years.

Christan Mitchell took this photo of a waterfall near a walking trail in Mingo Creek County Park.

The mat says "Welcome," but John Benko's cat, Tim, says "no way" to a squirrel that would like to come inside.

Brook Ward took this photo of Thunder Mountain in Sedona, Ariz., about 15 minutes after sunset.

Gary Yarbrough took this photo at the Plaza de Espana while on a recent trip to Madrid, Spain. According to Gary, this was the bridge that Anakin and Padme crossed in Star Wars II.

Tammy Perkins captured this serene scene at Washington Park.

Vic Perri took this photo of a surfer walking ashore in Huntington Beach, Calif. Vic was there to support his wife, Laura, who was running in the Surf City Half Marathon.

Megan Hahr took this photo of an old schoolhouse while out for a family drive in East Finley Township.

Allan Jack spotted this bluebird looking for a vacancy.

Allan Jack sent us this photo of the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas.

Beth Signorini spotted this barred owl sitting in a pine tree near McMurray. She said it was misty and the bird appeared to be drying its wings.

Susan Barnes of Rices Landing took this photo during a trip to Venice Beach in California.

No, those aren't mountains in the distance. David Eaton took this photo of snow-capped slate dumps across the river from Crucible.

Kerry Pigeon took this close-up of the first blooming crocus of the season in her Scenery Hill flower garden.

Megan Hahr took this photo of an old barn in East Finley Township.

While returning from a visit to Virginia Beach, Dorothy Stull of Bentleyville spotted this luna moth on a parked car.

Kathy Swihart brought the Hair & There salon mascot out for a little fishing in a pothole on Chartiers Street in Washington, one of many that have sprouted up around the area this spring.

Maria Magnotta of Washington took this photo of Westminster Abbey in London.

Steve Riker of Washington took this photo of a sunset in Longboat Key, Fla.

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