Hot Shots

Amanda Durbin took this photo of an oriental poppy in full bloom.

Brook Ward took this photo during a recent visit to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Peter Ketting sent us this photo of a butterfly feeding on lilac bushes.

Christan Mitchell shot this sunset photo through the trees behind her house.

Erica Jestat-Garrison took this photo of a bird's nest built inside a wreath on her front door.

Erica Jestat-Garrison took this photo at the Pirates' home opener.

Janet George spotted this tuliptree silkmoth clinging to a blade of grass in her front yard in Green Hills Borough.

Mary Holmes of Washington says her Great Dane, Oreo, loves to "counter surf" for leftovers. She clearly seems displeased about missing this day's dinner buffet.

Tom Gazvoda of Canonsburg took this photo of the new fishing dock at Cross Creek County Park that is accessible from the entrance off Route 844 in West Middletown.

Beth Signorini took this photo of an adult heron and two babies in a nest at the Bridgeville Heron Rookery.

Allan Jack took this photo of his granddaughter, Caydence, after a busy day of picking morel mushrooms.

Estelle Woodburn of Independence Township took this close-up photo of an orchid iris.

Bob LaVelle used a trail camera to get this photo of a secret deer dance party in East Finley Township.

Dandelions aren't always a welcome addition to one's lawn, but they can make for a pretty picture, as evidence by this one sent to us by Kerry Pigeon.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of the first set of bluebird eggs in one of his birdhouses. He's hoping for one or two more sets this year.

Joyce Mankey took this photo of a male bluebird perched atop a bluebird house, keeping watch while Mrs. B was inside the house making a nest.

Karen Revis of Claysville took this photo of a sunset from Boone Road.

Jody Brown took this photo of a desert bighorn sheep while on Dolly's Steamboat on Canyon Lake at Apache Junction, Ariz.

Amanda Durbin spotted these trout lilies (dog's tooth violets) during a recent walk in the woods in Amwell Township.

Christan Mitchell took this photo of crabapple blossoms along the Canonsburg Hospital driveway.

Stephen Grzanka captured this beautiful sunset in Edenton, N.C.

Sandy Thomas of Washington took this photo of a frog chilling at Washington Cemetery.

Tammy Perkins sent us this photo of the interesting pair of pals she found in her chicken pen.

Erica Jestat-Garrison took this photo of a sunset after a rainy day at the home of her parents, Rebecca and Doug Burig of Washington.

Tammy Perkins saw this yellow-bellied sapsucker for the first time at her feeder in Scenery Hill.

A while back, Beth Signorini sent us a photo of a great horned owl nesting near Bridgeville. She checked back and found that the owl now has an owlet.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of an Eastern water snake that his been living in a rock wall his mother built many years ago.

While shopping on Isla Mujeres, an island off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, Jeff Filby of Bridgeville took this photo of one of the colorful streets in the island's main town.

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