Hot Shots

Jordan and Larry Myers of Eighty Four found this cicada in the process of molting in their backyard.

Brad DeBusk took this photo of a small frog, with a couple of riders, cooling off in the pond in his flower garden in Amwell Township.

Joe Jack of Washington took this photo of a restored World War II LST (landing ship tank) as it passed under the Wheeling Suspension Bridge while on its way to go on display in Pittsburgh.

Janet Philp said this toad seemed perfectly content to sit in her hand after she found him while cutting grass at her home in Eighty Four.

Jeff Filby took this close-up of an Amur tiger during a recent visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Kathy Fowler took this photo of the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, while on a recent vacation along the New England coast.

Beth Signorini spotted this chipmunk while on a trip to Benezette. She said it didn't seem as if he could fit another bit of food in his cheeks.

Diana Morris took this photo of a groundhog snacking on an apple in her yard in Claysville.

Joelle Beaumariage took this photo of a recently emerged Monarch butterfly.

Steven Adams was walking to the beach in Ocean City when he captured this sunrise photo.

Katie Roupe/Observer-Reporter Robert Kelley rides with his great niece Brooklyn D'Angelo,3, on a ride at Canonsburg's Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 19. The festival runs through today, Sunday, September 19 from 12 - 6 p.m. in downtown Canonsburg.

While cruising back from Bermuda to New York City, Mike Morris took this photo of the sun rising over the Hudson River.

Jim Blue took this photo of a sunset at Assawomon Bay in Fenwick, Del. He said that when he developed the photo, he noticed the green halo around the sun, which apparently is an unusual phenomenon that occurs only during certain atmospheric conditions.

Diana Morris took this photo in Claysville on a recent evening when the sky was a brilliant pink.

Denise Henry took this photo of a dew-covered spider web on a foggy morning at her home in Lawrence.

Stephen Ezarik took this close-up of a golden finch that was visiting his feeder for some nyjer seed.

Tammy Perkins took this photo of a dragonfly during a sunny afternoon at Dutch Fork Lake.

Bob Winwood of Centerville found this saddleback caterpillar while fishing at Cokeburg dam. The slug caterpillar has spines that secrete irritating venom that causes a painfull, swollen rash.

Jennifer Lantzer Novak said the birdbath at her home in Nettle Hill has been very busy this summer. Here, some bluebirds are enjoying a dip.

On a recent trip to Ohiopyle, Tina Lasko spotted this Chicken of the Woods mushroom. She took it home, sliced it thinly, breaded it and fried it for dinner.

Tammy Perkins took this photo of a squirrel enjoying an apple from one of her trees. We're not sure whether the squirrel finished the apple in one sitting.

Amanda Durbin found this monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging on a plant in her yard. She hopes to see the butterfly that emerges.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of an antlion that landed on his screen door. Stephen says the antlions, as one might guess, feed mainly on ants.

Jodi Pliska captured this photo during a weekend with friends on Lake Erie in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Estelle Woodburn took this photo of people making the 1.5-mile trek to Hidden Lake at Glacier Park in Montana.

Jenifer Johnson had a "helper" as she wiped the perspiration from her face in Mahogany Bay, Honduras.

Steven Adams was greeted with this stunning view one recent morning when he arrived for work at Village Green Golf Course in Hickory.

Kate McCann sent us this photo of her friend Singer, who was "contemplating life" while waiting for her to finish feeding horses at Red Gate Farm in West Alexander.

Allan Jack said all this tomato needed was eyes and a mouth to complete its personality. Allan thinks it resembles Jimmy Durante.

After a heavy early morning storm, John Crockett says this red-tailed hawk showed up at his place to dry off. After a rest, the hawk took stock of John's extensive rabbit population.

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