If nothing else, Steelers players guilty of stupidity

During the past offseason, NFL defensive back Ryan Clark, who had just completed his last year as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, talked about how some NFL players, including certain of his Steelers teammates, smoked marijuana to deal with stress and manage pain from their football injuries.

A community torn not soon repaired

Young men and women are returning to Washington & Jefferson College this week, beginning another chapter in their lives just as the tragic tale of a fellow student reached its conclusion.

Libraries are still valuable in our communities

Columnist Tim Worstall, a British contributor to the Forbes website, made a controversial suggestion last month that provoked a good bit of tongue-wagging and online chatter in response.

Serious issues in Greene with animals

Although these two circumstances are not directly related, there are serious animal issues in Greene County.

Wanted: Someone to make the case for infrastructure investment

Our roads and streets are like the weather – something we all have in common, something we can complain about and something we seem unable to fix.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States as compiled by the Associated Press:

Avoid another Ferguson, narrow racial divide

The turmoil that ripped apart the community of Ferguson, Mo., should give us pause to think: Could this happen elsewhere? Could this happen here?


Vactor was a star off the field

I want to compliment Bill DiFabio on the excellent article he wrote for the Aug. 17 edition of the newspaper about former Washington High School football star Norris Vactor.

Pennsylvania needs to legalize pot

When I read the the Associated Press article, “More schools mixing beer, football” in the Saturday newspaper, I thought of the Prohibition era. Happily, Americans realized the government cannot legislate the drinking habits of its citizens. Prohibition lasted only 13 years. I wonder...

Respect your Washington neighbors

In the letter about speeding by K. Burdell Brock that appeared in the Sunday newspaper, I completely understand where he is coming from. I was raised in Spraggs, so I know how those roads are – they are narrow, and two cars cannot fit on those roads.

Fine a knee-slapper

A mandatory casino theft was fine tossed out last week by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Help the animals

It’s very sad to hear about how overcrowded the Greene County Humane Society is. I know many of the volunteers and they are great and the animals they care for would make wonderful companions. I also know they don’t close their doors to anyone wanting to dump off unwanted animals, so...

We should prepare for Ebola

I am outraged by the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is telling people in the United States not to fear the Ebola outbreak in Africa. People feel as though we should not fear or prepare for the outbreak to come over to American soil because the CDC says that it most...

Transfixed by something ‘important’

On Sunday, I went to the gym for workout and swim.

How about some smooth roads?

I found the headline, “Transportation plan to impact area,” in Friday’s newspaper to be interesting.

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