Does the governor’s budget go overboard?

Local state Rep. Pete Daley called the budget proposal of Gov. Tom Wolf, a fellow Democrat, a “very, very, very aggressive” proposal. And that might be an understatement.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join somebody else

Ocassionally, residents who are unhappy with the direction of their states push efforts to secede from them. They rarely succeed.

Step up to help keep Hidden Treasures store

Hidden Treasures has had a presence in Waynesburg for quite a while, and we are hoping the thrift store will continue to be part of the Greene County community.

When saving is not a virtue

With a pension crisis looming, a gaping budget hole, a crumbling infrastructure and scores of other needs that must be met and paid for, every cent of the tax dollars we send to Harrisburg is being used urgently to meet current expenses.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country as compiled by the Associated Press:

Making America’s pastime faster

A baseball game could hardly be more crucial than the Oct. 13, 1960, World Series battle between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees.

Coaches send terrible message to their players

Every year, we see stories about high school football and basketball coaches who get in trouble because their teams run up exorbitant scores against overmatched opponents, but we don’t recall hearing about a coach getting in trouble for trying not to score, until now.

Moving forward means leaving things behind

The newspaper, it is said, is a mirror of society. When we look at it, we see a reflection of our world, our community, ourselves, and we don’t often like what we see.


Replace property taxes

Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to increase taxes was to be expected. However, let us not be duped into higher taxes for education with a sales tax increase and the promise of lower property taxes. This is simply a bait-and-switch tactic. In the short term, property taxes will be lowered, but then...

Weather hysteria is absurd

I write in praise of the commentary piece by Michael Passalacqua about the hysteria that surrounds winter weather forecasts that appeared in the Observer-Reporter March 1. This is one of best opinion pieces I’ve read in a very long time and I’m certain it reflects the attitudes of...

Killing deer is cruel

Baiting deer with food, trapping and killing them, which is being done in Mt. Lebanon, is cold-blooded and cruel.

I don’t get liquor privatization push

“Liquor privatization bill clears House hurdle” was a recent Observer-Reporter headline. More than a few letters to the editor and Observer-Reporter editorials reflect a desire to see this happen and, frankly, I don’t get it.

No free college

Recently, President Obama suggested students should be able to attend community college for two years for free. He even said that the first two years of community college should become a standard for students, much like the primary school years.

Don’t kill the goose

Let’s talk about Act 13.

Jesus opposed homosexuality

A Nicholas Kristof column in the Feb. 13 Observer-Reporter, “Two different stories illustrate the importance of resisting bigotry,” compared the intolerance of ISIS with the intolerance of “extremist” Christians who do not believe in same-sex marriage.

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