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Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States as compiled by the Associated Press:

Wild ride, no plan

Television network news programs this week picked up on a bizarre incident in Beaver County on Jan. 14. They showed video taken from a police cruiser stolen by a shoplifting suspect.

Even convicted killers have freedom of speech

Let’s be clear from the start that we have no sympathy for the supposed plight of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

A new party, built on piles of cash

For about as long as most of us can remember, Americans have yearned for a third major political party, believing it would somehow cure everything they find distasteful in the quarreling and ideological bloodletting between the two major parties.

The hardest message to receive

Bill Cosby was once beloved and believed to be almost beyond reproach, but for the last couple of months an odor as overpowering as a rendering plant on a July afternoon has followed him around, thanks to the increasing number of allegations that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted women at...

Create a plan for Mather coal site

Last week, we reported the Greene County Industrial Development Authority is in the discussion stages of developing a strategy to determine possible uses for the Mather coal refuse dump once reclamation work at the site is completed.

Short on rhetoric, long on results

Kudos to state Rep. Pam Snyder for prodding the state Department of Transportation to make changes at three Greene County intersections where safety concerns have been raised.

Being penny wise and pound foolish

Unless you’re living off the grid and subsisting on nuts and berries gathered in the deep woods, you’ve experienced the, um, joy of being parked in an endless queue when you call a toll-free number to get assistance with a consumer-related issue.


Resign before you run

Anyone who is interested in running for a political office who is already serving as an elected official in another capacity should be required to resign that position.

The same old game

Here we go again. Gov. Tom Wolf is going to play the same old Democratic Party game.

A sufficent punishment

I read with disgust the Jan. 20 letter from Bob Sabot about the decision by Washington County Common Pleas Judge Valarie Costanzo not to accept the plea agreement of Joshua Rush, a Washington police officer. What does Sabot feel would be a fair and just punishment?

Already playing favorites

I agree with Dee Donaldson’s Thursday letter expressing disappointment with former state Sen. Tim Solobay’s appointment as the state fire commissioner.

Protect the cemetery’s wildlife

I was shocked, appalled and sickened when I read a deer had been shot and killed in Washington Cemetery.

Two strong women

My mother passed away in 2013, and she was a role model for what a strong, smart woman should be. My mother worked in business most of her life and gave much to her community. She believed in making the world a better place.

Civil Rights Movement was personally significant

I enjoyed the insightful Jan. 18 article on the Civil Rights Movement in Washington and Southwestern Pennsylvania more generally. I was somewhere in the photo that was published of the demonstration in Washington and still recall composing our letters and marching down Main Street. I also recall...

Wanted: A community college

The so-called brainiacs, when making plans for Southpointe, didn’t include something Washington County could have surely used – a community college of its own.

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