Mass shootings becoming business as usual

Another summer, another movie theater shooting.

Questions remain over baseball coach’s exit

Central Greene School District is embroiled in an athletic controversy after the dismissal of Kevin Pincavitch as the varsity high school baseball coach.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country:

Hosting Super Bowl

The Pittsburgh Steelers have filed an application to host Superbowl LVII in Pittsburgh eight years from now. The prospect of bringing the National Football League championship game here may be exciting to some, but we have our reservations.

The knucklehead vote

As we noted in a Thursday editorial, Donald Trump may well be what fellow Republican presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham called him – “the world’s biggest jackass” – but he is not stupid.

Let’s be honest: Support for Trump is shameful

If you don’t think Donald Trump can get any crazier, just wait a day. He might prove you wrong.

Reforms to mental-health system needed

Amid tales of Dickensian cruelty and abject neglect, there was a rush to close mental hospitals in the 1960s and 1970s, and replace them with other forms of community-based care many advocates believed were more effective and safeguarded the dignity of individuals grappling with mental illness.

Former Judge Pozonsky got off easy

Paul Pozonsky had power over people’s lives.


Truth a casualty of privatization

The ongoing debate over the future of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board makes it plain that the truth is the first casualty of the privatization wars, especially if that “truth” belongs to a vested interest such as a restaurant owner. I am referring to the July 21 letter from...

Caring people care for the dead

Reading about the dilemma with Charleroi Cemetery and, I’m sure, of other cemeteries and more to come, I recalled a bronze plaque hanging in the Allegheny Cemetery office. It was a quote by former British Prime Minister William Gladstone, and I have recalled it often when visiting cemeteries:

Pennsylvania should follow Kentucky on schools

Our obsolete system of providing financial support for local schools via property taxes should be eliminated. The current system ensures that children in poor districts cannot and will not have the educational opportunities that exist in wealthy communities.

Our “gun culture” must change

Are you as fed up as I am when you turn on the news or open the newspaper and learn about another shooting victim, or multiple shooting victims? The Second Amendment to the Constitution reads, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people...

Print meter tags in Washington

I read with interest the July 5 letter from Deb Babirad on her troubles with a parking meter in downtown Washington. I also have had a problem with the parking meters in Washington.

An unfair tax

I am writing this letter in reference to Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed tax on gas production for the benefit of Pennsylvania’s schools. I presume these funds will be distributed to school districts on the basis of population. If so, the majority of this tax will serve urban areas or those...

A dog and pony show

What a dog and pony show the court system is putting on with former Washington County Judge Paul Pozonsky. We are just teaching our children that crime does pay and that people in positions of power receive different treatment.

Sanders campaign has people on its side

Seventy-three-year-old Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders elected president? Get real. Fear and ignorance of socialism would have to be overcome, assumed and heartfelt bigotry discredited, and the length and quality of his public service deemed worthy of extension.

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