When people needed people

Will there be a time when we can go about our normal activities, day after day, and never have actual contact with other human beings? Absurd? Think again. We may already be there.

A day for ‘newsies’

Today, Sept. 4, is International Newspaper Carrier Day. It’s celebrated on the day when Barney Flaherty, the first newspaper carrier, was hired in 1833 by the New York Sun.

“The high one” gets a new name

Not since Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner has a name change stirred so much disputation.

Yorkin was a pathbreaker

In a column that appeared in Monday’s Observer-Reporter, radio and television columnist Terry Hazlett makes a thought-provoking argument – that Bud Yorkin, the television producer, moviemaker and Washington native who died last month at age 89, had a greater impact on popular...

Preserving our own treasures

In a Sunday editorial, we noted the terrible toll the Islamic State has exacted on antiquities and relics across Iraq and Syria. Irreplaceable artifacts from civilization’s dawn are being heedlessly destroyed and plundered. It’s a loss not just for the Middle East, but for all of...

Hope for Greene water customers

A plan now being discussed under which the Dunkard Valley Joint Municipal Authority would be acquired by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority should provide some hope for customers of the small Dunkard Valley authority.

Anti-discrimination bill is a no-brainer

There isn’t much that the commonwealth’s elected leaders can agree on these days, but five area legislators found a little common ground last week with initial support of an anti-discrimination bill.

New voting procedures worth considering

If you vote in either Washington or Greene counties, particularly in an off-the-beaten path precinct in an off-year election, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed this scene or something like it.


Guns save lives

There were two recent editorials in the Observer-Reporter, “Too many packing heat” and “Bag searches a sad commentary on gun-infested society.” These editorials made the following claims: “Walking or riding around with a loaded gun is irrational”...

Ignorance allows some to prosper

It’s hard to keep silent after what’s going on in the sports world in Pittsburgh recently, and the approval of a certain candidate for president.

Pay back agencies that had to borrow

If a state budget is ever passed for the current fiscal year, there is a high priority piece of legislation which must accompany it: a provision to pay every dime of the costs that have been incurred by social service agencies and public schools that were forced to borrow in order to continue...

Shame on us for gun violence

I appreciated the Nicholas Kristof column that appeared in the Observer-Reporter Friday. Kristof cited statistics about gun violence that should send chills up all spines because they are so shocking.

Ramps need to be cleaned

Many thanks to Corey DiGiovanni for the well-written letter that appeared Sunday on the litter strewn around the interstate entrance and exit ramps in Washington. I have written several letters to the editor concerning these same issues, and have also called PennDot numerous times. But it all falls...

Fix the airport weather station

Barbara Miller of the Observer-Reporter wrote a story in July about the weather station at Washington County Airport being down. It’s still off line. Now, it’s been well over two months.

Theater of the absurd

Republican leaders in Harrisburg are responding to the state budget impasse with increasing doses of absurdity.

A newfound, sober life

With the terror of drug addiction ravaging Washington County and many other counties in the region, I feel it is my duty as a recovering drug addict to spread the hope of my newfound sober life.

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