Doing away with a wasteful requirement

Government bureaucracy get your dander up? Feel like your tax dollars are being frittered away on endeavors that don’t add up to much? Then you should be happy with the following news: As of Monday, Pennsylvanians who apply for food stamps will no longer be subject to an asset test to...

Two landfills, going in two different directions

Two stories appeared in this newspaper last week about the future of separate industrial landfills in Greene County, both heading in seemingly different directions.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers as compiled by the Associated Press:

Repeal nonsense

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, including this area’s congressmen Tim Murphy and Bill Shuster, have voted 56 times to either repeal the Affordable Care Act or to gut or restrict it. Though a repeal of the act, also known as Obamacare, is highly unlikely under the current...

Statistics vs. aesthetics

If you’ve ever listened closely to a broadcast of a golf match or a baseball, football or basketball game, you have probably heard a bewildering recitation of statistics, many of which contribute little to understanding or appreciation what is being watched.

Don’t get beaned at the ballpark

A few facts about the national pastime: Baseballs are hard. When thrown or struck with a bat, baseballs can travel upward of 100 mph. It you get hit in the head with one of those balls, it hurts like the dickens.

A chance for our state lawmakers to step up

School districts, parents and others who sued the state on grounds that the commonwealth’s system of financing education is failing kids in less-affluent areas have suffered a setback, but there are still opportunities to address the very real problem.

McGuffey must create a welcoming atmosphere for all students

Plenty of negative attention has been brought to McGuffey High School since some of its students apparently staged an “Anti-Gay Day” protest last Thursday. If there’s a silver lining to be had, it’s this: Discrimination and outright violence against gays and lesbians...


More oversight needed on shale industry

From the beginning, horizontal drilling and fracking in Southwestern Pennsylvania have been experiments undertaken by the shale gas industry. The industry chose to use our communities as testing grounds for new methods of extraction and production, relying on reckless ideas like direct disposal of...

Government blocking healthful products

Under the pretext of concern for the common man, our Congress is stifling any independent customer, like myself, from voluntarily purchasing herbs, tonics, or oils for the advancement of my health and the alleviation of medical problems.

No cheers for the reassessment

I own my home in the McGuffey School District, in Blaine Township. It is where county commissioners Diana Irey-Vaughan, John Bevec and Bracken Burns did the land swap deal a few years back. They unanimously voted to take approximately 4,200 acres of developable land permanently off of the McGuffey...

Now I’ve heard everything

In the category of “Now I have heard everything” comes the news that a New Jersey third-grade teacher instructed her class to write get-well letters to Mumia Abu-Jamal, the infamous man who killed Philadelphia police Officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood on Dec. 9, 1981.

Waynesburg needs recycling bins

Walking through the town of Waynesburg, one can see there is a lot of trash that can be recycled on the roads and hills. Imagine having a cleaner environment by setting up recycling bins around the town. Doing so would help reduce the amount of recyclable trash that is accumulating.

Church will remain a church

An error appeared in the March 26 article about the Peters Creek Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Venetia. The article states that when the church vacates its current location on Brookwood Road and holds its last service today, “It will also mark the end of 220 years of continuous worship...

Why I voted for natural gas bill

In response to John Baranowski’s April 19 letter, the Liquefied Natural Gas Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act expands domestic energy production by expediting the approval process for liquefied natural gas export permits. Southwestern Pennsylvania is in the heart of the Marcellus...

McGuffey, and the commonwealth, can do better

Imagine my surprise when sitting down with my morning coffee and discovering headlines about Washington County. It didn’t stop there. Friends in other parts of Pennsylvania, friends in other U.S. states, and even friends overseas were commenting online about student behavior and organized...

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