An electric future?

The number of Western Pennsylvanians who own plug-in hybrids or all-electric vehicles is quite small. But it only stands to reason that as gasoline prices inevitably rise and as battery technology continues to improve, that number is sure to grow.

Schools can consolidate, cut administrative costs

Pennsylvanians ought to be aware that the problems with pensions and deteriorating infrastructure are so great that a big increase in state funding for public education is highly unlikely, regardless of who will be governor next year, or four years down the road.

Information is the best way to ensure calm

If you were living near a facility where something could go dreadfully haywire – say, a nuclear power plant like Three Mile Island – chances are you would not only want to know how to proceed in case of an emergency, but that you would also want to have such a plan up on your...

All Sarah, all the time

Remember William E. Miller?

A victory for courtesy

Last month’s Luke Bryan concert at Heinz Field cast an unfavorable light on Pittsburgh nationally, thanks to images of trash-strewn parking lots and loutish, drunken behavior among some concertgoers. It ended up costing the city more than a few bucks to clean up the mess, and Mayor Bill...

Don’t forget, Rain Day is Tuesday

If you are coming to Waynesburg Tuesday, don’t forget to pack an umbrella.

Authorities awarded funding will have to ‘make it work’

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority last week approved a grant and low-interest loan totaling more than $9 million to rehabilitate Dunkard Valley Joint Municipal Authority’s water system to facilitate the authority’s consolidation with the neighboring East Dunkard...

Tragedies are not “structural defects”

If you’ve read “The Amityville Horror” or seen one of the many movies spun from it, you’re familiar with the tale it tells: A family moved into an abode on Long Island in 1975, a little more than a year after six people were shot and killed inside it. They only lasted...


Recovery went unmentioned

I found the Monday article, “Heroin replacing prescription drugs as choice for addicts” to be dangerously one-dimensional.

Murphy is a fighter

The letter on U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy that was published in July 17’s Observer-Reporter, “Following the parade, not leading it,” could not be further from the truth.

Disappointed in Solobay

I’m a retired teacher and very concerned about Gov. Tom Corbett’s cuts in education, especially the salary and pension reductions for teachers. But it’s my understanding that state Sen. Tim Solobay voted to increase his own pension 50 percent and also voted to raise his own pay...

End the “food fight”

“Food fight erupts in area,” your July 16 article on the feud between the Washington County Food Bank and the Great American Food Drive, was very depressing to read.

The Meadows lends a helping hand

When one thinks of a racetrack or casino, the first thing that comes to mind is gambling. But the Meadows Racetrack & Casino does not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Tea partiers are not extremists

On June 12, the Observer-Reporter published an editorial with the headline, “Cantor defeat bad news for GOP.” Reading this collection of absurdities caused me to laugh so hard that I severely injured myself and my recovery was a long and arduous process. Finally, I feel fit enough to...

Council service became untenable

Two and one-half years ago, I was elected to borough council after living in East Washington for 22 years in the hope of making positive changes, many of which I feel I accomplished. Those included the updating of Memorial Park, sidewalk repair, new trees and some updated ordinances, including a...

Take your child and your shoe

In the wake of the number of children left in cars this summer, here’s a suggestion: When you strap a child in that car seat, take off your left shoe and place it in the back seat.

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