With election near, Pa. finances tumble

It seems as if the race is on, and not a good kind of race, at least for the people of Pennsylvania. In lane No. 1 is Gov. Tom Corbett. In lane No. 2 is the state’s fiscal health. The question is, can Corbett make it to the November election before the budget situation he helped to create...

A momentous decision on whether a kingdom will remain united

It’s divided communities like nothing else before.

Positive developments for Greene economy

We can’t blame Greene County officials if they are feeling a little giddy lately concerning some positive economic development news.

Allegheny Co. Council deserving of praise

We spend a lot of time on this page taking whacks at the actions of our governmental bodies, whether they be local, state or federal, but there are times when they deserve credit for making solid, common-sense decisions, and the recent action by members of Allegheny County Council to reject a...

Time for the Legislature to stop these slaughters

We like to think of ourselves as more enlightened than our distant forefathers, but sometimes that’s not really the case.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Were it not for horribly misguided Islamic religious fanatics in northern Nigeria and tribal Pakistan, the World Health Organization might have been able to eradicate polio this year. And in fact the organization and its health care allies have succeeded in eliminating rinderpest, a disease...

Preserve our history, not dangerous ruins

The city of Washington’s plan to raze four buildings – two of them on Main Street – is welcome news. For too long, quite a few structures in the city’s business district were allowed to deteriorate to the point at which they pose a threat to public safety.

Can the NFL look worse? Just give it some time

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.”


Pot users painted unfairly

This is a rebuttal to a letter headlined “Reefer Madness” in the Sept. 2 edition.

Things deserved more support

As season ticket holders, my husband and I are faithful followers of the Washington Wild Things. This year, they’ve had an exceptionally gifted team. For most of the year, they were in either first or second place in their division. Win or lose, they have maintained a never-give-up attitude...

Action now helps next generations

There’s an unspoken promise from one generation to the next that you will do your best to leave them a better life than the one you lived. Right now, we’re not living up to that obligation, but we can by taking action to address climate change.

Reefer madness

I can’t believe the Observer-Reporter devoted two-thirds of a page Tuesday to the story about “cooking with cannabis.” Are you serious?

Cornerstones of community enlightenment

Public libraries promote the general welfare by serving as cornerstones of community enlightenment. Regrettably, in Greene County, omnipresent philistines, smugly conventional and lacking in culture, look upon public libraries as a senseless waste of tax dollars and resources.

Say no to unnecessary power plants

In response to your Monday story, “Coal supporters see reign lasting,” it is just not true that “nobody’s going to get to vote” on Environmental Protection Agency regulations to limit carbon dioxide from existing power plants.

West Virginia no example to Pennsylvania on hunting

George Block’s column on Aug. 31 was misleading regarding Sunday hunting in West Virginia.

Gas industry supports municipalities

I wish to thank Ralph Gatten for his letter concerning the natural gas industry which appeared in last Sunday’s newspaper.

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