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Questions, questions, questions?

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It's quiet time

It's quiet time for a couple of weeks around the Steelers as the rookies get some time to digest their new playbooks and the veterans continue their OTA activities.

One thing that did catch my eye this week was that the Steelers put a claim in on Houston Texans safety D.J. Swearinger.

They didn't get him, of course, since they were way down the list. Swearinger landed in Tampa Bay.

But the fact that the former second-round pick, who wore out his welcome in Houston after just two seasons, was on Pittsburgh's radar speaks volumes about what the team feels about its current safeties.

I liked Swearinger a lot coming out of South Carolina. He was feisty. He liked to hit - hard. He constantly showed up when I watched the Gamecocks.

That doesn't mean he wasn't without his issues. He showed a me-first tendency that I felt would have to be coached out of him. That didn't happen in Houston.

He also is best used as a box safety.

Was it just a case of the Steelers putting in a claim on a good player to perhaps block him from landing in Baltimore, which also put in a claim? Perhaps.

We might never know. But the fact the Steelers put in a claim on him certainly raises an eyebrow.

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