Step up to help keep Hidden Treasures store

Hidden Treasures has had a presence in Waynesburg for quite a while, and we are hoping the thrift store will continue to be part of the Greene County community.

When saving is not a virtue

With a pension crisis looming, a gaping budget hole, a crumbling infrastructure and scores of other needs that must be met and paid for, every cent of the tax dollars we send to Harrisburg is being used urgently to meet current expenses.

Making America’s pastime faster

A baseball game could hardly be more crucial than the Oct. 13, 1960, World Series battle between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees.

Coaches send terrible message to their players

Every year, we see stories about high school football and basketball coaches who get in trouble because their teams run up exorbitant scores against overmatched opponents, but we don’t recall hearing about a coach getting in trouble for trying not to score, until now.

Moving forward means leaving things behind

The newspaper, it is said, is a mirror of society. When we look at it, we see a reflection of our world, our community, ourselves, and we don’t often like what we see.

What testing can’t fix

Since at least 1983, when the federal report “A Nation at Risk” painted a picture of failing public schools churning out undereducated and unprepared graduates, lawmakers and educational reformers have been endlessly toying with curriculum changes and testing regimes in the hope...

Some surprising findings in Greene prison report

At last week’s Greene County Prison Board meeting, Warden Harry Gillispie released a statistical overview of the jail’s operations for 2014.

With casinos as a guide, temper gas revenue expectations

Editor’s note: This editorial incorrectly identified Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Somerset County as one of several locations to house Pennsylvania’s casinos. It instead should have listed Lady Luck Casino at Nemacolin Woodlands in Fayette County.


No free college

Recently, President Obama suggested students should be able to attend community college for two years for free. He even said that the first two years of community college should become a standard for students, much like the primary school years.

Don’t kill the goose

Let’s talk about Act 13.

Jesus opposed homosexuality

A Nicholas Kristof column in the Feb. 13 Observer-Reporter, “Two different stories illustrate the importance of resisting bigotry,” compared the intolerance of ISIS with the intolerance of “extremist” Christians who do not believe in same-sex marriage.

Give parents school choice

The supposed purpose of testing is to hold schools “accountable,” but it doesn’t and can’t. The only way to hold schools accountable is to allow parents to vote with their feet and remove their children from schools that don’t serve them.

Enrollment down, taxes up

Over the past 10 years or so, enrollment in the Central Greene School District has significantly decreased, and yet taxes and expenses continue to increase.

Deer cull insane, inhumane

If only 20 percent of residents are in favor of the deer cull in Mt. Lebanon, then why is the slaughter still moving ahead? How can the state’s game commission set rules and regulations for hunting if they are allowing this?

Wolf is like Obama

It looks like Pennsylvania has a pseudo-Obama and his name is Tom Wolf.

Ban oil trains

Two days after a train carrying highly volatile crude oil derailed, shooting fireballs into the sky and sending an oil-filled car into West Virginia’s Kanawha River, it was still burning. And now, questions are burning too: Are these trains coming through our neighborhoods?

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