“Bias-free” language offends

Colleges and universities are hotbeds of political correctness, where students are swaddled in a cocoon of “safety,” their most cherished ideas never challenged and intellectual rough-and-tumble kept at a canyon-sized remove.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country as compiled by the Associated Press:

‘Hunter’ deserves all the condemnation he gets

On his latest ESPN show, Keith Olbermann had a regular segment highlighting the “worst people in sports.” If you’re looking for the worst person in the world, at least for this week, Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer might be a good choice.

Winning the Olympics may not be a victory

Twenty-five years ago this September, Atlanta won the right to host the 1996 Summer Olympics, and the city celebrated like it was V-J Day, or, perhaps more precisely, partied like it was 1999.

Mass shootings becoming business as usual

Another summer, another movie theater shooting.

Questions remain over baseball coach’s exit

Central Greene School District is embroiled in an athletic controversy after the dismissal of Kevin Pincavitch as the varsity high school baseball coach.

No more “Real Housewives,” please

The Public Broadcasting Service has occasionally come under fire from conservatives in the United States, and, at first glance, their arguments have had some validity: Why should taxpayers help foot part of the bill for educational programming when there are a multiplicity of cable channels out...

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country:


Mental-health system needs support

Recently, an editorial was published that discussed the mental health system in our area. While there is certainly work to be done, over the last number of years there have been a number of successes in the region that are noteworthy.

No extraction tax

It should come as no surprise that the Philadelphia media is supporting Gov. Tom Wolf’s blast of the oil and gas industry. If we end up with an extraction tax on that industry, you will see a decline in activity, and all that new tax money will go to Harrisburg and then to Philadelphia.

Chat more, text less

This country has two major problems that support one another. They are drugs and cell phones.

Ramp is too steep

On July 17, Natalie Reid Miller reported in the Observer-Reporter that the Marianna Outdoorsmen Association “completed a $150,000 Ten Mile Creek handicapped-accessible water trail project.” The intention of this project is wonderful. People with disabilities want and need...

If you steal, steal enough

I have three bones to pick with the Observer-Reporter due to several articles that appeared in last Friday’s edition.

Concerned about the streets

There are several people in my neighborhood who are concerned about the condition of the streets.

Trump calls out incompetence, dysfunction

While all of us sit back and watch and listen to the candidates for the Republicans’ 2016 presidential nomination run their mouths about who is the best and who is the worst for their party, we should try to look below the surface of the pretentious and pompous attitudes of those who are...

Who’s the knucklehead?

After reading the Friday Observer-Reporter editorial, “Trump after knucklehead vote,” I wanted to share a rather humorous experience I had recently while eating breakfast with some friends at a local diner.

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