Greene residents deserve better roads

The rumble of water tanker trucks rolling down High and Greene streets through Waynesburg’s business district is more than just a loud nuisance.

British election shows strengths, weaknesses, of parliamentary system

Because the polls don’t close in Britain until 10 p.m., election-night coverage there on radio, television, and now the web, tends to be an up-until-dawn ritual even in years where one of the two major parties is expected to handily win a sufficient number of seats in the House of Commons to...

New voice welcome in Democratic race

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination just got a little more interesting.

Still, war drums beat

Fifty years ago, the United States, with the support of most Americans, had ramped up its involvement in Vietnam into a full-scale war. Five years later, by the time four Kent State University students were killed by National Guardsmen, dissent had grown and the fabric of American society was...

Questions are valid about Shuster relationship

Perception is reality, so goes the saying.

Doing away with a wasteful requirement

Government bureaucracy get your dander up? Feel like your tax dollars are being frittered away on endeavors that don’t add up to much? Then you should be happy with the following news: As of Monday, Pennsylvanians who apply for food stamps will no longer be subject to an asset test to...

Two landfills, going in two different directions

Two stories appeared in this newspaper last week about the future of separate industrial landfills in Greene County, both heading in seemingly different directions.

A family secret that should have been revealed

With the possible exception of the exhibitionists who populate reality TV, most people are inclined to hold the secrets of their immediate family fairly close. Unless we’ve set an appointment with Dr. Phil, few of us are willing to divulge details of marriages gone wrong, children gone...


Litter is atrocious

Kudos on the Thursday editorial about the litter along our roads.

Citizens need to be heard

On Wednesday, I attended a meeting sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) seeking public comment on the revisions to Chapter 78 of the state’s oil and gas drilling regulations. This meeting was announced on short notice and the number of industry people...

Think before tossing

On April 25, I had the opportunity to clean up garbage around the Jessop exit on Route 70 with 14 other members of the Washington Rotary Club. As I drove home later that day, I saw several other groups doing the same thing in various parts of Washington.

Thanks for Alzheimer’s series

On behalf of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Agency on Aging, Inc., I am writing to commend the Observer-Reporter for undertaking the yearlong series, “No Longer Me,” which increased community awareness of individuals within the region who are suffering from...

Governor wants to reinvest in higher education

Students have borne the brunt of massive cuts to higher education over the last four years. Under the previous governor, more than $90 million was cut from schools in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and tuition increased by $1,016.

Our despoiled roadways

Ten days ago, a group of hearty volunteers ventured into a cold rain to do their civic duty. They stuffed plastic garbage bags with trash that had been strewn along Route 519 from Hickory to Houston and hauled tires up from stream beds in an annual commemoration of Earth Day.

Disappointed by Wolf bullying

I am extremely disappointed Gov. Tom Wolf recently threatened to withdraw his support for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education in order to win approval of a hypothetical tuition freeze next year. Although Wolf campaigned on the idea of a “fresh start,” his latest stunt...

More oversight needed on shale industry

From the beginning, horizontal drilling and fracking in Southwestern Pennsylvania have been experiments undertaken by the shale gas industry. The industry chose to use our communities as testing grounds for new methods of extraction and production, relying on reckless ideas like direct disposal of...

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