Let the CDC study gun violence

It was hard for many people to muster much more than a desensitized, resigned shrug late last week after the latest mass shooting in the United States, this one carried out at a community college in Roseburg, Ore.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States as compiled by the Associated Press:

Dollar signs in their eyes

For quite some time now in our increasingly me-me-me society, the modus operandi of people who have made grievous mistakes in their lives is often to look for someone else on whom to blame the misfortune and, if possible, find someone to sue.

Farewell to football: Could it happen here?

The New York Times had an excellent piece recently about a school board in suburban St. Louis that did away with football at the local high school because of safety concerns and a dwindling number of interested athletes.

A little water makes for a big discovery

On a day when President Obama spoke at the United Nations, met for the first time in a good while with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Syrian refugee crisis continued unabated, Pope Francis arrived back at the Vatican, and Trevor Noah took over Jon Stewart’s seat on “The Daily...

Why do they raise drug prices? Because they can

You’ve got to be working awfully hard to be the subject of more derision and contempt than Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who gunned down Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe a few months ago.

Elections board should focus solely on election

September has been a tumultuous month for the Greene County Board of Elections.

Climate change: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

While he was strategizing for Harris Wofford’s underdog U.S. Senate campaign in 1991, James Carville famously observed that between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, you have Alabama.


Would Bush ignore the public?

Many in the general public would have been happy to see Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush at Southpointe Tuesday, myself not included. But his speech was limited to invited donors, Rice Energy employees and the media.

Greene County needs to face facts

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently held one of its 14 listening sessions for developing a Clean Power Plan (CPP) in Waynesburg.

‘The View’ got it wrong

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts. The hosts of the daytime TV show “The View” got it wrong when they made fun of the Miss America pageant contestant who talked about her professional role of a nurse as part of the talent...

Fund services for children

I am appalled to learn the Wolf Administration finds court-mandated child welfare and juvenile justice placement as non-essential services and therefore ineligible for funding during the current state budget impasse.

Words of wisdom from Ben Carson

In reference to your Sept. 22 editorial about Ben Carson’s comments that a Muslim should not be president, here are some other quotes from him:

Sanders is leading a revolution

The political cartoon that appeared in the Sept. 19 Observer-Reporter depicted a country radicalized behind naughty Donald Trump and avuncular revolutionary Bernie Sanders, slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton in a recent Iowa poll. Sadly, Clinton and Jeb Bush wave their party flags divided...

Stop the “victimhood” culture

The recent story of the aggrieved female customer turned away at a local men’s barbershop has long-since left the pages of the Observer-Reporter. But I am reminded of it by something I just read regarding victimhood by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt: “...People are...

Hold school board members accountable

Have you ever wondered how your local school board should operate?

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