Taking steps to stop an epidemic

Heroin has become cheaper than beer, and there are few hurdles to clear if you want opiate painkillers. This has led to an explosion of abuse and overdoses throughout the region, a report released Monday by U.S. Attorney David Hickton’s office found.

A “mess” in the district attorney’s office

“Look at the mess we are in” was the headline for a story on the front page of the Observer-Reporter Tuesday. It was a quote from Neil Capretto, the medical director at Gateway Rehabilitation Center, describing the growing epidemic of heroin and prescription drug abuse throughout...

Tech students make Greene proud

What if your son or daughter could graduate from high school with a marketable skill, one that could immediately propel them into the workforce, or give them an edge to help pay for higher education? That option exists at the Greene County Career and Technology Center in Waynesburg.

Be careful out there

We’re on the cusp of October, and along with cool nights, high school football and Halloween, here’s something else to look for this month – deer.

Roadblocks in our right to know

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s Senate unanimously approved a bill designed to update and tweak the Open Records Law. Following the vote, Sen. Matt Smith, whose district includes a portion of Washington County, proclaimed the measure “marks the next phase of openness in the...

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country as compiled by the Associated Press:

A better alternative to the old ‘snow day’

Some of our readers who are of the same general age as certain newspaper editors of our acquaintance will surely remember the joy that accompanied the rare occurrence of having school canceled by a snowstorm.

Crimean Tatars suffer Russian persecution

The Russian seizure of Crimea and its support of the insurrection in eastern Ukraine inspired comparisons of Russia to Nazi Germany and President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. But the way Russia has gone about crushing dissent on the Crimean peninsula lately calls to mind another infamous figure from...


Fixing a hole

The lovely community of West Finley Township is being held hostage because of a large hole on Old Brick Road.

Extreme regulations will damage coal country

Earlier this month, my colleagues and I passed a resolution asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider its regulations for existing power plants.

Scrap yards need to be vigilant

There is nothing I hate more than a thief. Recently, someone cut the power cord to our RV. It was parked in our driveway. They not only stole the end of the cord attached to the electrical system, but also the 50-foot extension cord connected to the special outlet box on our garage.

Road department deserves kudos

Kudos to Canton Township’s road department. The Romans couldn’t have done a better job resurfacing Hewitt Avenue. To the locals, this road is just as important as Jefferson or Henderson avenues, but has a few more amenities – no stop lights, beautiful scenery and most of all,...

Document foreign steel

Kudos to state Rep. Jesse White. Legislation he has introduced that would require the creation of an online database listing the country of origin for any steel used in a natural gas well is right on point.

Agencies need to do their jobs

Recently, letters have been printed in the Observer-Reporter from readers who have complained about being asked “personal” questions when trying to adopt cats or kittens from area agencies.

Socialism, the taboo subject

Socialism is a taboo subject, but in the Observer-Reporter Aug. 24, a 77-year-old neighbor of Johnny Cash said the government house the singer grew up in during the 1930s was socialism and wouldn’t happen today.

Another route to kittens

On Sept. 14, the Observer-Reporter printed a letter from Patricia Stritzinger, who said she wanted to adopt kittens from Petsmart, but she was turned down because they would be farm cats and be outside.

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