Ignoring a problem

Last year, 2,489 Pennsylvanians died from drug overdoses. Actually, we don’t really know how many died from that cause, but it is most likely higher than the figure reported by the state Department of Health.

Looking the other way when talent’s involved

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

A much-needed dose of realism

Robert Gates took over the Defense Department in 2006 and provided a much-needed shot of reality after five years of bluster from Donald Rumsfeld and his misbegotten dreams of transforming the Middle East at the barrel of a gun.

Send us a card, write us a letter

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Flawed election system creates voter apathy

For a democracy to function, citizens must be active participants.

Motorcycle helmets make sense, save lives

With the informal arrival of summer this weekend, you’re bound to see more and more people out on our streets and highways on motorcycles, revving up their engines and blasting off with the strains of the Steppenwolf oldie “Born to be Wild” ricocheting through their heads.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad as compiled by the Associated Press:

The banality of evil, the bureaucracy of terrorism

Visitors to the memorials established at the sites of concentration camps like Auschwitz and Buchenwald almost always come away astonished at the meticulous care the Nazis took in cataloging all the items their victims brought with them before they were consigned to forced labor or ushered to the...


Let independents vote in primary elections

As reported in the Observer-Reporter, just 23 percent of registered voters in Washington County and 38 percent of registered voters in Greene County went to the polls in the May 19 primary election. This fraction represents people who have registered to vote. But there are thousands of...

Canonsburg is a special place

After another long work week, then spending a couple of days in Green Tree, it was time to return home on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. I am always happy to come home, but this morning felt a little extra special for some reason.

154 channels and nothing on

The 54th anniversary of Newton Minnow famously calling television “a vast wasteland” was noted in your May 9 edition.

Let the voters decide

In your May 14 editorial on state Sen. Pat Browne, who has been arrested for a third time for operating a vehicle under the influence, I believe you missed a very important point.

Heroic effort defeated

The May 4 editorial stated, “Greene County residents should have access to better roads.” I pretty much agree with that statement. I have always been an advocate for better, expanded roads.

Violations on political signs

I saw many political signs in my travels through Washington and Greene counties in the lead-up to the primary election Tuesday. This was nothing new. What was new, however, were the blatant election-law violations I saw on those signs from both incumbents and newcomers.

Moral high ground lowers our defenses

So, James Comey, the director of the FBI, has declared that the United States has a potential huge homeland security problem, and, at least in public, he is suggesting that we have no solution on the table. He said, “There may be as many as thousands of people inside the United States ready...

Actions on judicial nomination misrepresented

As a senator, I have become accustomed to being criticized for things I have done. But, it is a little harder to hear criticism for things that I have not done – specifically, your newspaper’s false assertion that I was somehow delaying the nomination of Judge L. Felipe Restrepo to...

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