Time for a “culture change” in Morgantown, W.Va.

After a weekend of mayhem in Morgantown by students at West Virginia University, Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston proclaimed such behavior is “not acceptable” and that “we’re going to hold people accountable.”

The country is not ‘out of control’

There’s an election coming up – perhaps you’ve heard – and there are polls, polls and more polls being taken and being heatedly discussed by cable yackers who are always hungry to fill yawning hours of broadcast time. One that was published Monday by the online journal...

Proposed tank location worthy of concern

On the surface, it sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen.

The Royals should give Pittsburgh fans hope

The Kansas City Royals are going to the World Series.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States as compiled by the Associated Press:

Heroin addiction is Charleroi’s problem, too

That we have a heroin problem in this area is well known. It’s been called an epidemic.

Degree isn’t everything

For-profit colleges, many of which offer all their classes online, enroll about 12 percent of the nation’s college students. But federal data shows these institutions account for four times that percentage of student-loan defaults.

Winds of change picking up at Vatican

At the Vatican, as with many large organizations, change can be slow to come and extremely incremental. Such is the case with the church’s positions on social issues and responses to shifts that have occurred in societies around the globe.


PennDOT brain trust lacking them

I was glad when PennDOT elevated I-79 north, and eliminated that awful hairpin turn at the junction of I-79 north and I-70 west. I wasn’t glad when they neglected to erect merge signs or yield signs at the point where I-79 north and I-70 west becomes one road. Drivers on I-79 north believed...

Residents should support referendum

2014 has been a difficult but exciting year for the Chartiers-Houston Community Library. Since April, when we were informed of the loss of funding from the Chartiers-Houston School District, we have been working very hard both within the library and with Chartiers Township supervisors to keep the...

Slow down in Wind Ridge

The once fairly quiet village of Wind Ridge as been under siege. It has been inundated with dump trucks, various types of pickup trucks and semis. To make one familiar with our village, it is located on Route 21 with one main road. There are many such villages in Greene County, and we boast of our...

Library deserves a secure future

During a recent trip to my hometown, I visited the Chartiers-Houston Community Library.

Has politics prevented an arrest?

In response to Desetta Palmer’s Oct. 9 letter to the editor concerning state Sen. Tim Solobay, I would like to say I do not know the reason the Observer-Reporter published the article titled, “Solobay was questioned in 2011 about his relationship with murder victim’s...

Who will pay for the cracker plant?

Gov. Tom Corbett likes to style himself as being against raising taxes. However, he also likes to claim credit for “winning” the competition for the gas cracker plant, now expected to be built in Beaver County.

Fire departments don’t make social calls

Incompetence resides on Thayer Street, the group home for officials of the East Washington Borough Council.

Consolidate school districts

The Sept. 29 Observer-Reporter editorial highlighted remarkable achievements by graduates from the Greene County Career and Technology Center. Students from all five county school districts are enrolled at the center.

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