Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in North America as compiled by the Associated Press:

The Steelers will do what it takes to win

Along with the Super Bowl trophies and the roll call of Hall-of-Fame players, part of the mythology surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers is they are a professional sports franchise committed to doing things “the right way” – they want to uphold high standards of personal...

Too many packing heat

Two weeks ago, two of our area’s state representatives sponsored a seminar on Pennsylvania’s law regarding the carrying of guns. During that event, it was mentioned 28,000 residents of Washington County have licenses to carry a concealed weapon.

Let third-party candidates appear on the ballot

Compared to other countries, political parties outside the U.S.’s two-party duopoly tend to operate on the peripheries, and it’s not hard to comprehend why.

Bag searches a sad commentary on gun-infested society

There’s a growing list of reasons people who might have once visited moviehouses with some frequency are increasingly opting to wait for the DVD or on-demand release of new movies: Ticket prices that have reached $10 or close to it; boorish patrons who text and chat from the opening credits...

History returns to Greene County

The largest airplane ever to land at Greene County Airport was big news last week, but it wasn’t the only historic relic to arrive in Franklin Township.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States as compiled by the Associated Press:


Slow down on the roads

The Observer-Reporter’s Aug. 21 editorial on the National Safety Council’s finding that highway fatalities are projected to rise 25 percent this year noted that two main reasons are speeding, which we can take measures to control, and distracted driving, which is a lot more difficult...

Trump gets things done

I agree with Pam Morosky’s Thursday letter: Donald Trump is impulsive, arrogant, self-righteous and a bully; in other words, he gets things done!

What has society come to?

I went with friends to a movie at the Regal Theater last week and was definitely not “unfazed by security changes” as your Saturday article stated about some moviegoers. While I have no problem having my purse checked, I am so much more than “fazed” that our society has...

Thinking about the Century Inn

In thinking about the Century Inn, I feel gratitude for sweet memories with my husband, good family Christmas parties, fun dinners with co-workers to celebrate our achievements, happy wedding receptions and quiet lunches with good friends.

Volunteer fire companies appreciated

As an employee of North Bethlehem Township and a resident of Scenery Hill, I feel compelled to write this letter of appreciation to all the fire companies and firefighters that participated in trying to save the historic Century Inn in Scenery Hill Aug. 18.

Don’t disparage coal

As the 62nd Annual Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal Show gets under way in Carmichaels, I am compelled to respond to the online comments that followed the Aug. 4 article, “Events schedule announced for upcoming King Coal Show.”

Give controllers their union back

Fatigue inherent in the work performed by the nation’s air-traffic controllers is receiving a great deal of media attention. That issue, however, is actually a longstanding problem.

Cellphones aren’t all bad

According to the letter, “Chat more, text less,” which appeared Aug. 1, “This country has two major problems that support one another. They are drugs and cellphones.”

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