A Kansas experiment gone awry

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once remarked that states are the “laboratories of democracy,” and if that’s the case, then the lab in Kansas is being overseen by someone more akin to Victor Frankenstein than Albert Einstein, and he’s created one dumb and menacing...

Pennsylvanians win in Commonwealth Court ruling

Municipalities that have been charging the castle over Act 13, the state’s two-year-old oil and gas drilling law, didn’t get everything they wanted in Commonwealth Court last week, but they got enough that they could wave the victory flag.

Is pleasant summer weather really newsworthy?

The Israelis and Palestinians have opened a new, bloody chapter in their ongoing conflict, there’s a humanitarian crisis on our southern border and Capitol Hill is trapped in its usual paralysis.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad as compiled by the Associated Press:

No canoes, campfires at these summer camps

Summer camp used to be someplace away from home and civilization where children were sent to be kept busy and out of trouble. Older folks might have recollections of fresh-faced counselors in T-shirts and hiking boots, campfires, ghost stories, sleeping on cots in musty cabins and getting a...

Chickens don’t bark

Scratchy, Junebug and Ethel will not be forced to find a farm to live on or face the chopping block. They and their three sister chickens have been declared pets by the Peters Township Zoning Hearing Board and are free to remain cooped up on .3-acre lot in Venetia also occupied by a family of five.

NFL’s discipline all over the board

The National Football League’s justice system might not be blind, but it’s certainly in need of a pair of extremely strong eyeglasses.

Corporations are people, and sometimes tax avoiders

Corporations are people, Mitt Romney told us.


Tea partiers are not extremists

On June 12, the Observer-Reporter published an editorial with the headline, “Cantor defeat bad news for GOP.” Reading this collection of absurdities caused me to laugh so hard that I severely injured myself and my recovery was a long and arduous process. Finally, I feel fit enough to...

Council service became untenable

Two and one-half years ago, I was elected to borough council after living in East Washington for 22 years in the hope of making positive changes, many of which I feel I accomplished. Those included the updating of Memorial Park, sidewalk repair, new trees and some updated ordinances, including a...

A despicable, outrageous assertion

I took serious exception to the July 13 letter to the editor from Rebecca Simpson which implied that Tom Wolf’s service in the Peace Corps was somehow less patriotic than joining the military to fight in Vietnam.

Clean up the rubble

Waynesburg University was in such a big hurry to tear down the former Peoples National Bank Building on High Street in Waynesburg, so they should clean up the horrific mess that’s left. Or perhaps decorate it for Rain Day.

Washington County is a pigsty

I am really weary of Pennsylvania. We have lived outside Amity for 15 years, and we have never had a summer worse than this. The fracking is out of control, as the huge trucks ruin bridges and pollute our air, not only with the gas but also with the diesel fuel, as over 200 trucks pass our home...

The root problem in America

Among other catastrophes, too much carbon in the atmosphere is acidifying the oceans at an unsustainable rate for life. “Murphycare” and the Environmental Protection Agency’s “war on coal” are headlines in U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s recent mailing, as Consol...

The shameful abandonment of retirees

In 2013, Consol Energy finalized its sale of Consolidation Coal Co. to Murray Energy. This sale included the Loverage, Robinson Run, Blacksville, Shoemaker and McElroy mines, and other coal assets in Pennsylvania.

Where’s the beef?

The Wednesday Observer-Reporter article, “Food fight: Competing local organizations at odds over naming and logo” was disturbing.

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