Clearing the seats

July 10, 2012

Odd, humorous, ridiculous – call it what you will, placing a chair on a sidewalk in Canonsburg to reserve places to view the annual Fourth of July parade had become a tradition. Each year, whole sections of sidewalks were lined with lawn chairs strung together with wire or chain or blocked by yellow caution tape, and each year the chairs started appearing earlier. This year, the seats were first noticed on June 22.

Canonsburg Council has put an end to all this, however, and for good reason. Council voted 7-1 Monday to ban the practice until 6 a.m. on July 4. The accumulation of chairs had become hazardous, blocking access to sidewalks from the street, creating obstacles for the blind and projectiles in stormy weather that were dangerous to motorists and property.

Granted, standing to watch a three-hour-long parade in often sweltering heat is a test of endurance most people wish to avoid, but council’s action has not banned sitting in chairs; it has only restricted the practice to the holiday.

We’re sure some will protest the move, for sentimental reasons, but Pennsylvania’s second-largest parade will benefit by being more accessible to all.



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