Lottery doesn’t help the veterans

July 13, 2012

So much for freedom and the American way. Itís interesting how the Pennsylvania Lottery is advertised on TV, billboards and the radio. They donít care if you spend your last dollar for a chance to win a one-in-a-million chance. Whom does it help?

A lot of people go to their local veterans club to spend a dollar to have a chance too win a dollar back or maybe $100, very good odds. Usually people only buy a ticket to help out their local club, that really helps our veterans.

I havenít seen yet where the state lottery helps veterans.

Now your local representatives want to squeeze out the veterans club. I guess they donít believe in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to keep your freedom, sad but true.

Hereís an example of your representatives hard at work: They wait till the 911 Air Wing is about to close to get in the spotlight to save it, when itís too late.

I guess the state doesnít make enough revenue on liquor or tobacco; now it has to squeeze out the veterans.

These clubs are just trying to make a few bucks to give it back. For example they go to the VA hospitals and play bingo and take the vets on outings, just to make their lives a little better. These things are done with the profit they make on the strip tickets and 50-50 sales. Is the state so greedy to take this away from the veterans?

Maybe you donít know but a lot of people donate their time to make the clubs a success.

Write your local representativer to rethink the new small games of chance law. Because before you know it, the American Legions and VFWs that you used to go to with your Grandpa on a Saturday evening will sadly be a thing of the past. My question is, who will be next?

As for the Pennsylvania Lottery, my Mom is 91 years old and I havenít seen anything to help her. Thank God she has her family to depend on and not the state lottery.

Kathleen M. LucciolaCarmichaels

Mail delivery becoming joke

We are writing regarding the Pittsburgh/Avella/Hickory postal service. Our local Hickory mail has been moved to Avella and then delivered to Hickory. Why? We have a newer and bigger post office in Hickory.

On July 5, we received two pieces of mail, one postmarked Feb. 2 and the other Feb 3. On the front of both items was stamped, ďFound in ordinary mail,Ē and handwritten was, ďMixed with a customerís hold mail so sorry.Ē Who would have their mail held for five months? What about their bills?

One piece of our mail was a card from friends, but the other was our Hickory Telephone bill for February. We knew we had not received our bill, so we had to call HTC to get our bill. We live two doors from the telephone office. What if it had been a check lying there for five months?

With our talking to others about this we have found we are not the only ones having problems with their mail. It is getting to be a bad joke.

On top of that, the Postal Service had elimated all the help at Hickory except the postmistress, and now they are elimating her. Again, another joke.

Duane and Faye ScottHickory



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