July 19, 2012
J.R. Shaw

The Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency is proud to be a partner in The Energy Report. We’ve been on the same page with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, the Observer-Reporter and the energy industry from the beginning, planning the look, feel, content and purpose of this piece. Like you, we feel the new energy in our county and all of Southwestern Pennsylvania deserve just such a special printed piece, and Tourism is happy to be on board.

The energy industry and tourism go hand-in-hand, serving each other in many ways. We all know that the work created by the energy sector in Washington County provides much needed jobs, invests in our communities, supports our schools and nonprofits and contributes to the economic development of our region. Specifically for tourism, development in the energy sector has greatly increased the number of folks who stay in our hotels, dine in our restaurants, visit our museums, play in our great outdoors, shop in our plentiful stores and celebrate our culture at events and festivals. Tourism appreciates this burgeoning industry and the changes it has brought to Washington County, realizing that we play a big part in everyone’s success. But we’ll let others take care of the hard business approach – We have the fun job! We bring a softer sell, a fun approach, a different vibe to the party that lets everyone know where to go, what to do, and who to see when you want to let your hair down, relax and play a little. Pick up a fishing pole, take in a game, see that play or concert, ride that ride, and order that funnel cake (c’mon, you know you want to).

We also know that Washington County is more than a great place to work and play: It’s a great place to live. Many of the new folks working in the energy industry progress from newcomers to neighbors, standing with us in line at the grocery store, sitting next to us in the pew at church, in our voting booths and in our own towns. They come to realize what we have known all along, that Washington County is a great place to raise a family and make a life, not just a living.

Washington County is a great place to work and play and live, and you can expect much more about all there is to do and see here in upcoming editions of The Energy Report. We’ll bring a different vibe to the mix that entertains, enlightens and, hopefully, enriches your reading. So as the old cartoon used to say, stick around, you just might learn something.

Happy travels!J.R. Shaw is executive director of the Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency.



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