Drivers need to realize what ‘Stop’ means

July 24, 2012

It was interesting that the Observer-Reporter’s poll question Sunday was regarding aggressive drivers, because I encountered a particularly dangerous one just the day before. As my 7-year-old grandson and I were leaving PetSmart in Washington, a large truck came barreling down, ignoring the stop sign and sliding quickly into the very first parking space close to the Giant Eagle store. I was amazed. I concluded my grandson and I had the right of way to cross this busy area because the driver would have had to stop at the sign.

I yelled out several times to the driver to get his attention, but he ignored me completely until his wife got out of the truck and asked, “Is there a problem?” Duh, did you know your husband just blew through a stop sign totally ignoring a woman and child crossing the street? The driver,who obviously had heard me yell “Sir!” several times looked at his wife and said, “Ignore her.” Needless to say I was shocked.

This couple looked like upper-middle-class older people who seemed to care nothing about the safety of other people or, for that matter, the rules of driving. He obviously was in a hurry and didn’t care about the consequences. Gratefully, someone wasn’t pushing a baby carriage or walking a dog out of the store and maybe not paying attention to someone “ignoring” stop signs.

There are several signs around the Washington city area targeting “agressive drivers.” Maybe one needs to be put in these large shopping areas’ parking lots before some innocent person or animal is fatally injured. And in plain English, a stop sign simple means what it says – STOP.

Anita BiersWashington

Parking ticket ruins everything

I was reminded today why I make so few trips into the city of Washington. My wife and I were enjoying a day off, so we decided to visit one of our favorite local restaurants. We arrived downtown and placed two quarters in the meter. We departed the restaurant shortly after 1p.m. to find we had a ticket. We did go over the alloted time by about five minutes, so I was not surprised by this. To my astonishment the cost of the ticket was $10, and $25 if not paid within 24 hours.

The prior day we had parked in downtown Pittsburgh, for five hours, at a cost of only $12. Costs such as these are what drive patrons away from the downtown (empty) business district. We enjoyed a lovely lunch, ran into friends we had not seen in some time and generally enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately, it will be some time before we make this visit again.

Andy WalzNorth Franklin Township

Statues are meant for the deceased

If there is on lesson to be learned from the recent Penn State scandal it is this: Never erect a statue to someone still among the living. Also, don’t name any bridges, airports, highways or federal buildings in their honor, either.

And don’t render their painted images with halos over their heads. Halos are a Christian icon denoting extraordinary sanctity. One thinks of Saint Francis of Assisi, John the Baptist, the Madonna (not Madonna, for God’s sake).

If you don’t wait a decent time until after their demise, you may find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to remove said statue.

John ManningCanonsburg

Show compassion for victims, too

The Paterno family has issued numerous statements recently in an attempt to salvage the reputation of Mr. Paterno. Perhaps that’s to be expected.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if they showed some compassion for the Sandusky children and family who, too. will have to live with this situation for a long time.

Bob WillisonRices Landing



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