Deadline set for Ringgold petitions

  • By Scott Beveridge
    Staff writer
September 24, 2012

A Washington County judge has set a Thursday deadline for eligible residents of Ringgold School District to apply for a vacant seat on the school board.

Judge Janet Moschetta Bell, who is charged with naming someone to the post, has set the cutoff day in advance of her holding a “public proceeding” Friday to hear testimony from those who have petitioned the court for the position, a court official said Monday.

It’s unlikely that Bell will order from the bench or at all Friday on the matter because an unrelated trial is scheduled to immediately follow the 9 a.m. Ringgold proceeding.

The decision is before the court because Ringgold directors missed the 30-day deadline to fill the seat that became vacant upon the Aug. 18 death of former director William Ellis of Nottingham Township. To date, three Ringgold taxpayers have filed petitions with the prothonotary seeking the nomination, court records show.

The petitioners are: Maureen Ott, an engineer from Nottingham; Cherie Curdie, a former Ringgold director from Finleyville; and Kimberly Hrubes of Eighty Four. A petition from Charles E. Trax Jr. of Finleyville has yet to be officially filed.

Law clerk Amanda Kraft said each person interested in the post will be given an opportunity to make statements in court as to their qualifications to sit the school board, and the judge may or may not ask them questions.

The applicants must be registered voters and cannot be employed by Ringgold or do business with the district, she said.



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