Site plan for Frankie I’s tabled by supervisors

  • By Christie Campbell
    Staff writer
September 28, 2012

Preliminary and final site plans to rebuild a bar and grill that was destroyed by fire eight months ago were tabled Tuesday by the North Strabane Township board of supervisors.

Fearing there could be issues with parking at the site, supervisors delayed approving the site plans in the hopes that the owner would be able to lease additional room for parking.

Frankie I’s Bar and Grill at Route 19 and Zeman Road was destroyed by fire the night of Jan. 26.

Its owner, Frank Iannarelli, is planning to rebuild the restaurant at the same site. The board wants him to have more parking at the business than he had at the prior to the fire, in accordance with current ordinances.

In addition to parking behind the building, Iannarelli told the board he had made arrangements for valet parking in front of the Route 19 side of the building. But those plans concerned Supervisor Brian Spicer, who said there might be too little space to maneuver vehicles without using the highway’s right-of-way.

Supervisor Jeff Stanley said there had been complaints about parking in the past from residents.

“The last thing I want to do is to approve a plan and have residents show up here again when we have the opportunity to set the stage to avoid that,” he said.

The business is located in a commercial, C-1, district. Iannarelli has made provisions for 92 spaces and said the most cars he had parked at his business was during his grand opening and that was more than 100. He told the board he intends to continue working on ways to improve the property and add parking.

Board Chairman Stephen Motzer noted the board was appreciative of Iannarelli’s past efforts to work with the township and was not trying to discourage him from reopening.

“Frankie I’s is an establishment we want to see back in business,” he said.

The matter was tabled pending Iannarelli showing officials he had leased additional parking spaces.

Iannarelli has yet to present building plans to the township. The board said he could submit building plans now to begin the review process. The matter will be discussed again at the board’s October meeting and, if approved, a building permit will be issued.



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