Developers, authority agree in principal to sewage issue

October 26, 2012

A sewage permitting issue with the potential to delay construction at the Meadows Landing development in South Strabane Township may soon be settled. On Oct. 12, developers told the South Strabane board of supervisors they were unable to move forward with construction on a plot meant for Harmony Medical. Construction crews had wanted to break ground early enough to get the building winterized, but municipal law wouldn’t allow developers to move forward without a building permit. Until now, developers had been working at the site under an excavation permit. Earlier this week, officials from the Washington-East Washington Joint Authority and Meadows Landing Associates came to a tentative agreement that would allow construction to move forward. In exchange for a permit, developers agreed to sign an addendum and put an amount into escrow equal to 100 percent of the total cost of construction.“Provided that those two conditions are met,” said WEWJA solicitor Lane Turturice, “we’ll go ahead and issue the permit.” The site on Route 19 in South Strabane Township had been undergoing excavation and preparation for the last few months. The building at the Harmony Medical site will be the first structure to be built. “Requiring 100 percent is not typical,” Turturice said. “It’s usually a percentage. But because what is being asked is somewhat extraordinary, the authority required the full amount to ensure taxpayers aren’t stuck holding the bag at any point in process.”Turturice said the permit would be issued once architects update drafts and the money is paid. Once the sewage permit is obtained, developers will be eligible for a building permit and can begin construction.



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