Remember Santayana’s quote

Remember Santayana’s quote

November 6, 2012

I am surprised to see Romney/Ryan presidential campaign signs when driving around town in middle-class neighborhoods. These blue-collar neighborhoods, with some exceptions, are typically Democratic strongholds.

It gives me pause so I ask myself, perhaps these families are voting for the Republican challenger because they are unemployed. Maybe they are disenchanted or impatient with the slow economic recovery that began in 2009 or perhaps they are voting for the challenger because of some perceived moral or religious issue. I would certainly not criticize any of these reasons. It is our right as Americans to choose what we believe is best for ourselves and our families and I would respect that.

However, if my middle class friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow Pennsylvanians were supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket based on their promise to care for the working class family, then I would like to remind them of another similar promise 30 years ago.

Romney has proposed a 20 percent, across the board income-tax cut that would be paid for with the elimination of itemized tax deductions and loopholes. It is an old attempt to win over the middle class. In my opinion, “we have been there, tried that, and it failed.” As many of us remember, the Reagan administration’s attempt to cut taxes and offset those cuts with the elimination of popular income tax deductions, such as the two- earner deduction, in 1982.

The failed program was called Tax Equality and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, or TEFRA for short. The result was a complete and utter disaster and it left middle-class Americans burdened with the largest peacetime tax increase in American history.

Please remember George Santayana’s famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

Andy Lorenzi

Houston, PA


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