Re-elect Obama and pay

Re-elect Obama and pay

November 6, 2012

The editorial endorsement of President Obama’s re-election published Sunday demonstrates that the writer has been brainwashed by the rhetoric of our star-stricken, media-seeking president.

As a 30-year-old gainfully employed college graduate, I have found that people my age are not educated about politics and the importance of our government, or the lack thereof. As an employee of a small business it has exposed me to the threat of a corrupt government.

The government would have you believe that none of your success would be possible without them; however, most Americans are mesmerized by the smooth-talking Obama party, which claims, “You didn’t build it.” Am I to believe that everything that I have done to build and improve my own profile wouldn’t have been done without the help of the government? If that were the case, where were they the day the day I graduated from college? Where were the jobs that Obama promised would be there for me if I worked hard and became an educated citizen? I didn’t earn a job with help from him, and haven’t worked hard at everything that I have done for the government to take more from me. If Obama gets re-elected that is exactly what will happen.

This president has only made America worse. To all of the people of my generation, I highly encourage you to become educated as to how your government affects you and to get to the polls and vote. If “you didn’t build it,” then why did you work so hard to get to where you are today? Do you want four more years of a stagnant economy or some new fresh ideas that will boost the economy? Get to the polls on Tuesday and make the right decision.

Jim Hyland Jr.



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