It’s over. Thank heavens

November 7, 2012

Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, a Green, a Libertarian, a Socialist or a Prohibitionist – yes, there is a still a Prohibition Party out there – we all can probably agree on one thing today, no matter our partisan persuasion.

Thank heavens that’s over.

By the time this newspaper lands on your doorstep, the outcome of the bitterly contested presidential election could be known. Or it might not be, if a pivotal state is painfully close and vote-counting or recounting will stretch into today or the days after. Keep in mind that we didn’t know if Missouri or North Carolina went for Barack Obama or John McCain until days after Election Day, even though it didn’t affect the outcome.

Then, of course, there was Florida in 2000. You might recall some ballot issues in the Sunshine State.

Now, we can look forward to television commercials trying to sell us goods and services, rather than selling us a candidate or, just as often, trying to persuade us not to vote for a certain candidate. It might be too much to hope for, but maybe some of the rancor and division in the electorate can begin to subside.

Well, for at least another two years. By this time in 2014, Internet speculation and pundit chatter is sure to be at full volume about whether Hillary Clinton will make one last bid for the White House, the prospects of Chris Christie or Marco Rubio, and whether a dark horse like Martin O’Malley could break loose from the pack.

But that’s for another day. In the meantime, political junkies will have to contemplate withdrawal.



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