Giving thanks by helping others

November 13, 2012

Later this month, 26 students at Waynesburg University will spend much of their Thanksgiving break away from family and friends and embark on two mission trips to serve others.

The projects include work with a nutritional orphanage in Patzun, Guatemala, and Habitat for Humanity in Greene County. In addition, a team of nine students served with the Pittsburgh Project, a nonprofit group that offers after-school and summer school programs for young people in the city.

Waynesburg University sells itself as a service-oriented institution, and we think this desire to help others quite commendable.

Why do the students do it? Some may get credit if they are in the Bonner Scholarship program, which helps students who engage in community service. But more than likely they do it because they have a strong sense of service and a selfless drive to help others.

Those at the university who put this and the other mission trips together should be applauded. The lessons learned by these students, and all the others who gave of their time, could never be taught in a classroom.



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