Next generation will pay

November 13, 2012

Next generation will pay

They say that any republican form of government reaches a tipping point when the masses of the people realize they can vote themselves largesse from the national treasury. Americans have voted and the choice is clear.

The people did not vote for a stronger economy and more jobs, but instead they voted their own self-interest. They voted for more welfare, more food stamps, more Obama phones, free birth control and the right to force religious organizations to pay for it. More open borders and amnesty for those already here illegally, more bailouts, more spending, and more crony capitalism.

America has chosen for President Obama to continue his transformation of America into a European social democracy. We can project the outcome as simply as looking at Greece. But, unlike Greece, there is no one big enough to bail us out.

Once upon a time Americans wanted their children to have a better life than they had. But now they clearly lay their greed on the backs of future generations.

This generation has spoken. The next generation will pay.

S. Douglas Smith



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