Greene budget includes impact fees

Photo of Tara Kinsell
By Tara Kinsell
Former Staff Writer

WAYNESBURG – It is expected the Greene County commissioners will approve a proposed no-tax-increase 2013 general fund budget today.

Final action on the budget is slated for Dec. 13. The public will have an opportunity to view the budget during a 20-day inspection period that will be advertised in the newspaper and on the county website. It will be available for viewing from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the office of Greene County Chief Clerk Jeff Marshall.

The proposed budget includes a projected amount of $2,516,487 from Marcellus Shale impact fees. The amount received from impact fees for 2012 was $3,130,609.68. Commissioners will vote today to transfer $2,430,109.68 of the 2012 fees into the county’s capital project funds account, $300,000 to children and youth services, and $299,500 to the human services department.

The largest portion of the funds being transferred into the capital funds account, $1,150,000, is slated for repair and demolition of county bridges with $595,000 earmarked for the courthouse roof and other repairs to the building. Upgrades and repairs to the fairgrounds, parks, pools and county prison are also on the list for the 2012 funds. A 911 radio system upgrade and radio controllers will take up $700,000. Remaining 2012 impact fee monies will be directed to information and technology, geographic information systems and local infrastructure projects.

Among the projected projects for the 2013 impact fees are seal-coating of roads, airport development, Monview Pool, more local infrastructure projects, additional grants for fire companies, drug task force funding, courtroom improvements.

Other agenda items for today’s meeting will address support of a senior housing project, an application for Megan’s Law equipment, various contracts between the county and outside agencies, and agreements for bridgework.

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