You’d like your pay how?

November 14, 2012

When you cash a check at the bank, it’s common for a teller to ask how you would like your cash – in $5 bills, $10 bills or $20 bills.

In many cases, if you’d like your loot in $2 bills, Susan B. Anthony dollar coins or even 50-cent pieces with the profile of John F. Kennedy on them, they’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

There’s a legislator in Montana, though, who is making an even more unusual request.

Jerry O’Neil, a state representative, is asking to be paid solely in gold and silver coins because he believes runaway inflation is imminent and it will reduce the value of U.S. currency to virtually nothing.

O’Neil told the Daily Inter Lake newspaper of Kalispell, Mont., he is trying to get people “to start thinking about what will happen if our money collapses.”

He also cites Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, which says nothing but gold and silver coins should be used “in payment of debts.”

The exact logistics of how O’Neil’s request will be fulfilled have not been worked out. He explained, “They might just go to the coin shop and get me gold and silver coins, or they might say I have to do it myself. I don’t know.”

It will be interesting to see if O’Neil gets his gold and silver coins. And perhaps the office that handles Montana’s legislative pay is pleased that, at the very least, O’Neil didn’t ask to be paid in animal pelts.



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