Bowling results

November 15, 2012

Greene County Senior League

Results have been announced for the Greene County Senior Bowling League matches Nov. 14 at Meadowlands Lanes in Washington.

n Awesome Bunch won three games and lost one to the Freeloaders. Harold King bowled a 170 high game and a 457 high series for the Awesome Bunch. Betty Tyler bowled a 143 high game and 409 high series for the Freeloaders.

n Hardly Able won three games and lost one to the Greene Acres. Frank Farley bowled a 157 high game and 439 high series for Hardly Able. Randy Skelley bowled a 160 high game and a 389 high series for Greene Acres.

n Happy Times won three games and lost one against the Fab Four. Ray Davis bowled a 172 high game and a 464 high series for the High Times. Martha Grim bowled a 138 high game and 342 high series for the Fab Four.

n Easy Rollers won four games from the Pins and Needles. Carl Hoy bowled a 222 high game and a 506 high series for the Easy Rollers. Frank Fritchman bowled a 212 high game and a 537 high series for the Pins and Needles.



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