Good news in Carmichaels

November 19, 2012

Customers of Carmichaels Municipal Authority received some good news last week regarding the quality of water they are receiving from their taps.

The authority, which serves about 1,800 customers in Carmichaels Borough and Cumberland Township, was out of compliance last year with federal safe water drinking standards for trihalomethane.

Last week, however, authority manager Lloyd Richard reported the authority’s current level of trihalomethane averaged over the last four quarters is 0.042 milligrams per liter. The standard for safe drinking water for trihalomethane is 0.08 mg/L per liter averaged over four quarters.

Trihalomethane, which is linked to cancer and other health problems through prolonged exposure, is formed when organic matter in raw river water reacts with the chlorine used by the authority as a water disinfectant. It particularly becomes a problem in late summer when water temperatures are high.

During the past year, the authority has taken a number of steps to address the issue and apparently has had some success. It should be commended for its efforts.

The authority also continues to attempt to get to the root of the problem and has commissioned a study that will recommend a permanent solution. That study is expected to be completed within the next month or two.



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