Spend time together

November 20, 2012

On Thursday, the Observer-Reporter wrote an editorial about Black Friday sales starting Thanksgiving night. I agreed with it, and I just have to respond with some thoughts:

Thanksgiving and Christmas should be a time of family, not shopping, gambling or working. Can’t we sit around our dinner tables and talk about the good ol’ days or events that are happening in our lives today? With kids these days on the computer or attached to cellphones all the time, it would benefit all of us to stop and talk to each other over a home-cooked meal.

Sure, you get a few bargains on Black Friday, but is it really worth the few bucks you save to miss out on catching up on the lives of the ones we love? Spending quality time with loved ones should be our first priority. I have to work both holidays, but I would much prefer to spend them with my family. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday, and I never will.

As for Christmas, do you think that God says, “Forget about me, go shopping, go gambling, go to work. I’ll still be here tomorrow for you.” How many times have you heard that there was a tragic accident and a family member says, “If I could have had one more day to tell them I love them, or to give them a hug and a kiss or see them walk through the door”?

Let’s make memories now. Spend time together. Visit. Catch up and share.

Arlene Betarie


Spend time together


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