Make a difference

November 20, 2012

Because of three poignant letters Sunday, I write this letter.

One was on the insufferable noise levels imposed on a family (or families) in Jefferson. One hit home about veterans written by Joseph Luisi and the last was about animal remains left on the road for days on end. And of all people, someone coming home to visit had to remind us.

Do you care beyond reading the articles? Do you have anything to offer to correct or help these situations? I am guilty of saying to myself, “I’m just one man, what can I do?” Maybe I should take one challenge at a time to help someone.

I am guilty of giving advice and not following it, but if you want to help someone or correct something, just take one cause at a time and make a difference! The future is counting on you and me, it just might be very rewarding to our overall well-being!

Joe Paletta


Make a difference


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