County 4-H leaders and youth recognized

November 23, 2012
Greene County 4-H County Council, in cooperation with the 4-H Advisory Committee, recognized leaders and youth recently at a program at the county fairgrounds. From left, Murray Hoy, 4-H Outstanding Alumni; Sadie Wright, County Council president; Christa Ziefel, County Council vice president; and Shelly Brown, 4-H Outstanding Alumni.

WAYNESBURG – 4-H leaders and youth were recognized for their accomplishments at the 4-H Completion/Achievement Recognition held at the Greene County Fairgrounds.

Greene County 4-H County Council, in cooperation with the 4-H Advisory Committee, sponsored the event. 4-H youth who excelled in developing life skills through the 4-H program were recognized.

Members receiving awards were:

n Chelsea Moore and Cassie Orndorff, 4-H’er of the Year

n Sadie Wright and Ally Younken, I Dare You Award

n Johnna Calvert and Meghan Wolfe, Outstanding Intermediate 4-H youth

n Kiersten Dennison and Tristan Cole, Outstanding Junior 4-H youth

n Kiersten Dennison and Johnna Calvert, Club reporter

n Renee Salai, Club secretary

n The Outstanding Senior 4-H Youth award was sponsored by AgChoice Farm Credit and was presented to Curtis Patton.

Volunteer leaders are necessary for a successful 4-H program. Leaders recognized for their years of service to 4-H were: First-year leaders Robin Archer, Philip Elliott, Brian Sanders, Bob Weaver and Amy Wilson; fifth year, Dennis Householder, Melody Longstreth and Rick Patton; 10th year, Amber Mankey and Pam Wright.

County Council established an Outstanding Leader Award this year. A tray commemorating 100 years of 4-H in Pennsylvania was presented to Pam Wright, 4-H Market Swine Club leader.

Once again the Advisory Council offered youth an opportunity to demonstrate their 4-H skills through participation in the 4-H Achievement Ladder. Those recognized were:

n Level 1 Green Clover: Benjamin Archer, Avery Berdine, Zoe Burkett, Kyra Burns, Bianca Cole, Hannah Cole, Emily Cooke, Kaleum Kelley, Madison Kovach, Luke Maley, Vivian Marx Good, Brayden Mooney, Morgan Mooney and Amber Zitney

n Level 2 White Clover: Elise Benke, Tristan Cole, Kiersten Dennison, Kolby Harbarger, Preston Raber and Whittney Toothman

n Level 3 Bronze Clover: McKenna Benke, Johnna Calvert, Lindsey Gilbert, Lexie Mooney and Rodney Parson

n Level 4 Silver Clover: Meghan Wolfe and Ally Younken

n Level 5 Gold Clover: Curtis Patton and Sadie Wright

Many citizens of Greene County have been previous 4-H members. The Advisory Council selects two it feels represent 4-H and have been involved with their community as Outstanding Alumni. This year, Shelly Brown and Murray Hoy were the recipients of this award.

Pennsylvania is celebrating 100 years of 4-H this year. Carol Schurman, Indiana County 4-H educator, shared where the 4-H program started and how to best understand the current program by looking at the past. She presented an interactive trivia game that involved the audience.

Schurman had an interesting array of 4-H memorabilia that she shared, including project books, clothing, calendars and other items.

4-H is open to all young people, ages 8-18, regardless of where they live, their backgrounds or interests. Parents are welcome as helpers or as club volunteers.

Anyone interested in learning more about the 4-H program, call the Greene County Cooperative Extension Office at 724-627-3745.



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