Demand a change

November 24, 2012

I feel it is time for Americans to step up to the plate and demand a change in the way our government is run. I’m talking about our elected officials, yes, our senators and congressmen. I also feel that even local government should change. If we want to cut cost, we need to start by cutting the government, and then we should cut the pay of elected officials, and place caps on the wages of government workers.

Remember during the GOP primary campaign when Herman Cain said, “Let them get a regular job, come to Washington once a month, vote for or against a bill and then go back home”? If serving in Congress or the U.S. Senate were voluntary, with no pay, or a part-time job that paid only minimum wage, do you think they would be just as proud to do this job, because they were Americans, and they care about this country? How many people do you think would volunteer or run for the job?

They only have to be in office for one term and get paid by you and me for the rest of their lives. All elected positions should be on very limited terms, and no more than two full terms. When their terms are up or they are voted out, that is the same thing as being fired or let go. What happens when you leave your job, or get fired from it? Do you get to keep your benefits or any perks that came with it? No, I don’t think so.

Albert Perts


Demand a change


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