Celebrate WashArts’ anniversary

November 25, 2012

Sandee Umbach, the founder of the Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center, noted in a story in the Sunday edition of the Observer-Reporter that keeping a nonprofit organization afloat is “dang hard.”

And when you consider the constant scrounging for funding sources that must happen in both flush and barren times, calling the task “dang hard” could well be an understatement.

That’s all the more reason to salute the fact that the Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center, or “WashArts,” as it is more widely known, has reached its 10th anniversary. Everyone should celebrate this landmark, even those who can’t carry a tune or draw much beyond stick figures.

WashArts has provided a dose of vitality and energy for the community, and has helped scores of young people uncover their own creative possibilities through classes that are reasonably priced or free to those who participate in the free or reduced-cost school lunch program. The organization will be set to accomplish even more if plans to add a gallery and theater come to fruition.

Making Washington an arts destination would provide both an economic shot in the arm and improve the quality of life for everyone.



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