A defining moment

November 26, 2012

A defining moment

I have just witnessed a defining moment for Penn State. One of Penn State’s finest hours, both brought to you by the Penn State football players.Neither one of them had anything to do with winning a national championship. What football team could have had a heavier load to carry this year? They never quit. They pulled that university up off the canvas and onto its feet. They did it with honor and dignity. My heartfelt thanks to all of those young men. What they did was huge. They are Penn State.Other defining moments were in 1946 and 1947. In 1946, the University of Miami football team would only play against Penn State if they left their two African American players, Wally Triplett and Dennie Hoggard, at home. The team voted overwhelmingly that Miami would either play the entire team or they wouldn’t play Miami at all. Miami cancelled the game.In 1947, Penn State was again asked to leave their African American players at home. This time it was to play Southern Methodist University in the Cotton Bowl. All-American lineman Steve Suhey said, “We are Penn State,” and it was all or none. This is the origin of Penn State’s slogan.Penn State tied SMU 13-13 in the Cotton Bowl that year, taking their entire team. The students are Penn State and who could be more proud?Again, thanks so much guys !Judy HollickWashington



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