A Turnpike solution

November 26, 2012

A Turnpike solution

Your Nov. 21 editorial regarding electronic toll collections on the Pennsylvania Turpike made much of the problem of some 800-odd employees who will be displaced, even referencing a Patriot News website comment to the effect that their jobs be somehow spared; a sentiment with which I heartily agree, and for which I have a suggestion.Given that the commonwealth has 100,000 or so current employees, depending on which source one relies for the number, it should be easy to absorb the 800 or so Turnpike folks into the overall systems as others age out in various ways, whether by retirement, resignation or otherwise.The “Turnpikers” can be brought aboard by slotting them into the appropriate pay grades and seniority rankings.While many, if not all, “Turnpikers” may have to take salary adjustments, location disruptions and whatnot, these are simply problems with which the rest of us must routinely deal. The entire process should not take very long, and the whole process of unemployment compensation was meant for these kinds of disruptions.Most of the current unemployed and under-employed should welcome such an opportunity. Also, politicians should be happy to suspend assisting others in obtaining state jobs while the dust settles.Joe D. LawrenceEighty Four



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