McKenzie and Spinks impressive

November 26, 2012

McKenzie and Spinks impressive

Neither Shai McKenzie nor Darius Spinks would remember me, but I was one of their pre-school teachers. I have followed Washington High School football news with great pride in their performances. Shai has greatly impressed me with the quotes he has given the Observer-Reporter. I would say these “little boys” have grown into amazing young men who have worked extremely well with their team.With time, I hope they remember how proud this area is of the team and that someone had to lose at Heinz Field. I believe the team should hold their heads high because of the great season they experienced. A disappointing loss can lead to character-building. Please don’t view it as a failure. One loss does not take away what the Prexies accomplished this season.Roberta McElhaneyBlaine Township



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