North Franklin to ask DCED for assistance

November 28, 2012
An engineer shows a site plan for a proposed project in N. Franklin. - Aaron Kendeall / Observer-Reporter Order a Print

North Franklin Board of Supervisors voted to send a letter of intent to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development during their meeting Wednesday. The board considered entering into the department’s municipal financial intervention program after it was revealed in October the township was expected to fall into deficit during the 2013 fiscal year.

DCED provides municipalities with matching grant money through an early intervention program. The cost for the township could run as high as $80,000.

During the meeting, the board released the preliminary 2013 budget. With a deficit of nearly $40,000, the budget was good news compared to the $100,000 shortfall supervisors expected.

The preliminary 2013 budget expected revenues totaling $1,918,530 and anticipated expenditures of $1,955,542.

At $810,000, the township’s largest expenditure was the police department. Other costs to the municipality included road construction and repair at $295,983, general government at a cost of $181,735 and the fire department at a cost of $103,120. The board also faced some large-ticket debt service items including payments on road bonds at $186,511.

The budget’s expected income came largely from tax revenues of $1,126,500.

The complete preliminary budget is available for public viewing at the municipal building and will be shown for 20 days.

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, supervisors heard from representatives of Raggi Estates and United Washington Associates who asked for separate tax abatement waivers. Supervisors said they agreed in principle with the idea and would consider passing a motion that might waive taxes for the entire township for a period up to five years from the date an occupancy permit is issued.

Supervisors will vote on the measure during the December meeting.



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