Taste of Italy

November 30, 2012
Tom Hultz Jr., right, won the Last Box Charlie Award for fan favorite at the 11th annual Taste of Italy Wine & Food Tasting sponsored by the Brownsville Area Revitalization Corp. Winners, in order of finish, were: • Dry from Crushed Grapes – Richard Quarzo, Old Vine Zinfandel; Lou Otto, 2010 Cabernet Blend; and Quarzo, Molbek. • Sweet from Crushed Grapes – Scott Macosta, Concord; Macosta, Cayuga; and Chuck Johnson, Riesling. • Dry from Juice – Tom Hultz Jr., Rose; Quarzo, Amerone; and Hultz, Diamond. • Sweet from Juice – Hultz, who swept the division with Freedonia, Ives and Diamond. • Dry from Other Fruits – Tom Roberts, Pure Gold; George Kopsack, Strawberry; and Hultz Jr., Lemon. • Sweet from Other Fruits – Hultz, Chocolate Covered Cherries; Kopsack, Wineberry; and Hultz, Pineapple.



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