Soap opera week in review

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November 30, 2012

The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor finally got through to the hysterical Katie that she was not having a medical crisis, forcing Katie to grasp that it was time for her to return home to Bill and their child. Stephanie gave Brooke something to remember her by and said her final goodbye. Brooke found comfort in Bill’s arms while Katie eagerly awaited her husband’s arrival. Eric and Pam honored Stephanie’s memory in a way they both thought she would appreciate. Bill and Brooke returned from Big Bear to find Katie happily rebonding with baby Will, so Bill decided to throw a welcome-home party. Hope, meanwhile, was struggling with the twin blows of Stephanie’s death and the news that Liam and Steffy were living together again. Caroline was tempted to tell Liam after she overheard Bill talking about his role in sabotaging his Italian wedding with Hope.

Days of our Lives: When Jennifer nervously demanded to know what Nicole was doing in her home, Nicole confessed that she just wanted to apologize for the pain she had caused Jennifer. After Daniel told Maggie that Jennifer had told him about the clinical trial that might help his hand tremors, she confronted Jennifer and told her she had gone too far, and an abashed Jennifer replied that she had just been trying to think of a way to help the selfless Daniel. Nicole went to Daniel to apologize to him as well but left without seeing him after she heard him on the phone with Melanie, clearly moving on without her.

Rafe was relieved that Gabi didn’t go through with her abortion, but now Nick suspected that the father of the baby was Chad. Marlena was dismayed to realize Brady now shared John’s conviction that Kristen had turned over a new leaf, and Kristen later caught Marlena in her hotel room, snooping for dirt. Kate signed the divorce papers, not realizing Stefano was privately remorseful about their situation. Rafe was startled to discover EJ was Sami’s new boss and admitted he had grave reservations about it. Will revealed to Nick that he, not Chad, was the father of Gabi’s baby via their one-night stand together, and Nick said the three of them had to proceed with caution as far as telling anyone else.

General Hospital: After Edward’s funeral, family and friends assembled for the reading of his will. Sam wondered whether Spinelli thought Jason was dead. Maxie poured out her feelings for Spinelli to Lulu and came up with a solution to Lulu and Dante’s problems finding a surrogate. As she was leaving Edward’s funeral, Kristina noticed a custodian who looked familiar from the back. Molly reluctantly admitted to Starr that she was writing a novel. Johnny hoped that Duke’s mobster past hadn’t followed him to the Haunted Star. AJ told Skye he regretted that he never got a chance to prove himself to Edward and said he felt unworthy of his inheritance. Dropping by the Quartermaine house, Michael defended Sonny against an accusation by Sonny. Starr took Molly to Todd’s office, where she expected him to express interest in her manuscript, but Todd was too distracted by news of Blair’s approaching wedding to Tomas. Ellie demanded some answers from Spinelli when he told her that Maxie had revealed her love for him last week. Anna made plans for a getaway with Duke.

The Young and the Restless: Nick and Billy brought Victoria home, where Billy admitted that he was responsible for what had happened to her.

Later, Billy told Jack that Victoria nearly had died because Jack sent her to Miami on a false lead, then warned Kyle that Jack would throw him under the bus at the first opportunity. Victoria was stunned to find out that Billy had known about what happened to Victor in Los Angeles. Tucker told Kevin and Chloe he was buying Adam’s share of TagNGrab, but they were dismayed to find out how small their payout was. Chelsea told Chloe that Sharon was staying in their guest cottage following a meltdown, but Chloe assured her that Adam would never cheat on her. Michael reluctantly lent Kevin $10,000 so he wouldn’t lose his house. Jill told Lauren about her partnership with Katherine, and Lauren urged her to keep time free for a social life. Cane wasn’t thrilled by Neil’s announcement that Devon would be working at Jabot.

Kyle pretended to put his differences with Adam aside, but later told Phyllis he wanted Adam gone. Summer asked Phyllis if she thought she was betraying the company by working for Jack, but Phyllis urged her not to swallow Victor’s “version” of Jack.



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