Supreme Court will not hear appeal of drug conviction

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The state Supreme Court will not hear an appeal filed by a Brownsville man who was convicted of drug possession by a Greene County jury in September 2011.

The court Wednesday denied a petition filed by Michael Allen Brown, 48, who was arrested Sept. 11, 2010, by police participating in a driving-under-the-influence roving patrol on Tollgate Run Road in Franklin Township.

Brown was a passenger in a car stopped by police after officers noticed the engine smoking. After the occupants exited the vehicle, police found a small digital scale on the ground next to the passenger side door. During a pat down, Brown was found in possession of cocaine and a small amount of marijuana.

A jury convicted Brown of posession of cocaine and possession of a small amount of marijuana but acquitted him of possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Brown was sentenced in October 2011 to 216 days to 15 months in jail. Superior Court in August upheld the conviction. He subsequently asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal.

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