: Dec. 1

November 30, 2012


Bomb threat reported: A bomb threat was reported Thursday afternoon at Washington High School, city police said. According to police, the threat was written in the handicap stall of the girl’s restroom near the school’s library. Police said there are no suspects at this time.

Attempted burglary reported: Linda Sutterland of 349 Shirls Ave., Washington, reported an attempted burglary at her residence Thursday to city police. She told police she heard a loud noise at her basement window just after 11:30 p.m., but did not see anyone outside. Police said the window was pushed open, but not damaged.

Laptop stolen: Krystine Litton of 162 E. Prospect Ave., Washington, reported to city police Thursday a laptop, valued at $1,100, was stolen from under her bed within the past several days.

Fraud reported: Anthony Pacalla of 46 E. Wheeling St., Washington, reported to city police Thursday unauthorized purchases were made on his company credit card at Home Depot Oct. 13 and 20.

Rings stolen: Laura McLaughlin of 25 W. Chestnut St., Washington, reported to city police Thursday two rings, valued at $2,500, recently were stolen from her residence.

Charges pending: Steven Fallett, 43, of 350 Duncan Ave., No. 3, Washington, will be charged for allegedly assaulting a Washington woman during an incident Thursday outside his residence. The woman told police she was dropping a friend off 6:30 p.m. Thursday at 350 Duncan Ave., when Fallett started arguing with her and kicked her vehicle, causing a large dent on the driver’s side door. She told police Fallett punched her in the face three times after she yelled at him about the damage. The woman’s boyfriend was reportedly slapped in the head several times when he attempted to stop Fallett.

Theft reported: Linda Harton of 235 Shirls Ave., Washington, reported to city police $46 and a global positioning system, valued at $100, were stolen from her residence between Monday and Thursday.

Vehicle damaged: Jennifer Maxwell of 190 Hayes Ave., Washington, reported to city police Friday the back window of her vehicle was broken overnight while it was parked outside her residence.



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